Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Pacquiao Barrera Fight 2 Finally Happens

Pacquiao Barrera Fight 2 at Mandalay Bay Arena

Finally, the Pacquiao Barrera fight 2 will take place at the Mandalay Bay Boxing Arena on October 6 and in the Philippines in October 7. The whole of paradise Philippines is excited to watch the fight and almost all cable tv subscribers are on the hurry as the limited slots for the pay per view will only be up to Friday afternoon according to the customer service assistant that I talked to this afternoon.

The Fight Plan

The actual time of the fight in ET is 9:00 PM in the U.S. and in PT is 6:00 PM in the Philippines and the fight was dubbed as Will To Fight by the boxing promoters. There can only be one outcome and this will surely be a knockout. Neither one of the fighters will take second chances at going all out with their punches because for Barrera, this is resurrection from the previous devastating defeat he suffered in the hands of Pacquiao and for Pacman himself, this will take him to the top where he said he belongs as the best pound for pound boxer who ever won three division championships and the only fighter in the world to have defeated both the greatest fighters in Erik Morales and Marco Antonio Barrera. His fight plan is no less than knock Antonio Barrera out and remain the last man standing!

Pacquiao Want's to Settle All Disputes

Hoping to settle all disputes, the Pacman is out to give the same results to the paradise Philippines people who are also hoping that he will bring home the glory of the boxing ring once more to the Filipino people. He hope to do the same thing again to Barrera in their first fight.

Disputes have no place in his heart this time and even if he's been to many controversies early before that caused the fight to get rescheduled so many times, he still wants no less than the championship belt in his waist and the glory to his country - paradise Philippines. This is the main aim of Manny Pacquiao when he enters the ring and slug it out with the champion Marco Antonio Barrera. The Pacquiao Barrera Fight 2 will surely take a step forward to making great fighters out of the two champions but the question is who will be the last man standing?

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