Thursday, June 01, 2006

(WWW) Who Will Win? The PHP 130,000 Philippine SEO Contest

June 2nd, 2006
This is about the most talked about contest in the SEO community right now. Offering up to PHP 130,000 in prizes all in all fo the webmasters in SEO field helping promote Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in the country.

Just click the link ( for the details of the contest.

I bet this is one of the days everybody in the SEO community in the Philippines will be watching over in the coming days. For one thing, those who will make it i’m pretty sure is not just after the money but prestige and integrity with respect to the job they do. I greatly suport this move and the people behind the initiative to make up for the growing industry of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in the country.

”I wish everybody well on this and may the best of the best arise truly from this prestigious contest…….”