Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Paradise Philippines Keyword Experiment

Paradise Philippines and the Paradise Philippines Keyword Experiment

Last month, I tried to launch the paradise Philippines experiment in hopes to find out some concrete evidences as to the behavior of Google and the other big search engines in terms of indexing the results with the use of the contents of a blog. I did not actually join the Paradise Philippines contest but the point is I am doing a constant checking of the results that are being indexed by Google and the other two big search engines and see what's in store for the new way that Google has been up at Googleplex regarding content indexing and SEOing the contents of a blog.

Contents and It's Role to Ranking High

So this proves once more a theory that contents will make the biggest changes for ranking of pages but you have to employ certain changes to your blog and little modifications to your title, content and tagging as tagging indeed play a big role when it comes to ranking higher in the SERPS. links these days don't matter with Google but is best for Yahoo indexing and optimization. The age of a site plays a big role when it comes to MSN indexing of contents and links which means that for MSN, the authority of ranking higher in the SERPs is based on age of your links and age of your site combined with a balanced content update.

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