Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween in Paradise Philippines

The Halloween Tradition in Paradise Philippines

As a regular tradition, Halloween in paradise Philippines, is being observed by trying to light a candle in the house vicinity, usually in the stairs of at the "balkonahe" for each soul of a dead loved one or relative when the clock ticks at six o' clock in the evening. This candle will be lit until it runs our of fire from the wick or until it consumes the wax that makes the candle.

Preparations During Halloween

Usually, Halloween is being prepared for by the living families in a way where the members will visit the grave of their dead loved one/s and then cleaning it up and ridding the tall grass and the messy stray plants that grew while it rains in October, a month before Halloween in paradise Philippines happens. The grave will be cleaned to a point where you can freely add a touch of new paint without ruining the original color of the niche with excessive dust and then maybe bring in some food to avoid getting hungry in the middle of the cemetery vicinity.

Stuff to Bring in the Cemetery

After the preparations are done with some cleaning spree, arranging the plants and repainting the niche by the family or a few male members of the household, the next step is to get ready for the actual visit on November 1 or usually the eve before the actual date. Some people would treat this a some sort of an occasion During November 1 by bringing in so much food and staying up till midnight. Some common bring with you are: flowers, a small sound system operated via battery (as there are no electricity source inside the cemetery), a kite to fly in the morning (a regular tradition), water ( as it is scarcely sold inside locations where you are far from the main roads), food, candle, a deck of cards (to play with and pass the time), a rosary (for dedicating prayer) and many more. As a tip, don't forget to bring in with you some first aid kit to avoid rush if something unexpected happens.

Halloween for the Chinese

While this is the usual way of celebrating Halloween in paradise Philippines, to some of our brothers in the Chinese community are also doing their own version of dedicating for the dead and their souls. Their way is to put some food, drinks, candies and all sorts of colors in the surface of the niche or near the picture of their dead. This is being followed as a yearly tradition also by our Chinese brothers as they have a different belief when it comes to treating the dead and their soul. This is their way because they believe that even if a person dies, their souls are continually in transit and wandering beside them so they are offering foods and drinks in belief that it will make the souls of their dead happy even in the other side. That they will appreciate the food and eat them all when the time comes and that it will make them happy.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Paradise Philippines - Soon a Top BPO Venue

The BPO Report on Paradise Philippines

A report from the Daily Inquirer last October 26, 2007 states that Paradise Philippines, through the (NOA) National Outsourcing Association based in London that the Paradise Philippines will soon get part of the offshoring jobs from the U.K. as a result to the award to given to the (BPAP) Business Process Association of the Philippines and European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines that the award would further push the Philippines towards getting part of the jobs from Europe in terms of BPO or business process outsourcing.

Pushing the Country Further in Terms of BPO

As this event will further push the country to make a mile edge target to take the tops spot by 2010 from India despite the lack of support from the government to empower the outsourcing industry with funds and more promotional materials in the media. Little effort is being done with the part of the government but the country is hoping against hopes that the target to top over India will be sooner than expected because of inevitable incidents in the history of BPO in Paradise Philippines.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Erap's Executive Clemency

What's Behind Erap's Executive Clemency?

People are wondering what could be behind Erap's executive clemency? In the news yesterday all over paradise Philippines television sets in prime time, the spokesperson of the incumbent president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, Secretary Bunye declared about a certain letter coming from the office of the president regarding the executive clemency of the impeached president Joseph Ejercito Estrada. The news spread like some tuna in the hot bread of the common people of the Philippines as after waiting for so many years for Erap to be be convicted of his crimes against the Philippines government and the Filipino people, all of a sudden, the office of the president issued a release order for the convicted and impeached president Erap Estrada. This controversy again triggered speculations about what else could be cooking in the palace?

What's Cooking at the Palace?

Rumor has it that the office of the president since it got involved trough the first gentleman's alleged involvement in the ZTE broadband scam is cooking something else aside from luring the Filipino people with yet another trick to deceive them from the recent controversy that the first family. What then could it be? Is this just another plot to mislead the paradise Philippines people regarding the multi million dollar scam in the ZTE deal or it could be another signal that something even worse is going to happen to the whole nation. I just hope that whatever happens, the people will all be intact with their principles and wisdom. We all have to go trough with this together except for some people in the government who are willing to take all the risks without even considering the effects ar the cause of their actions.

All of this will not get passed on if this is what they think about it. Those who are responsible will suffer the consequences when the right time comes and this is what history tells. It is inevitable that whoever goes against the will of the majority will be lost as part of the dark history of a country and a regime. I am hoping that we all get through this in peace and unity to help our country, paradise Philippines from the verge of the hands of few people who wants to take us down with them.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Paradise Philippines Keyword Experiment

Paradise Philippines and the Paradise Philippines Keyword Experiment

Last month, I tried to launch the paradise Philippines experiment in hopes to find out some concrete evidences as to the behavior of Google and the other big search engines in terms of indexing the results with the use of the contents of a blog. I did not actually join the Paradise Philippines contest but the point is I am doing a constant checking of the results that are being indexed by Google and the other two big search engines and see what's in store for the new way that Google has been up at Googleplex regarding content indexing and SEOing the contents of a blog.

Contents and It's Role to Ranking High

So this proves once more a theory that contents will make the biggest changes for ranking of pages but you have to employ certain changes to your blog and little modifications to your title, content and tagging as tagging indeed play a big role when it comes to ranking higher in the SERPS. links these days don't matter with Google but is best for Yahoo indexing and optimization. The age of a site plays a big role when it comes to MSN indexing of contents and links which means that for MSN, the authority of ranking higher in the SERPs is based on age of your links and age of your site combined with a balanced content update.

A Wood Furniture for Paradise Philippines Homes

Homes in Paradise Philippines

Almost every home in paradise Philippines are equipped with the latest or the oldest wood furniture. The idea actually came when my wife started to use the old bottle of mahogany varnish in the old wood furniture that we have at home. Those old furniture are actually custom wood furniture that could have been possibly built from the 17th century hand tools of the early craftsmen of paradise Philippines.

The Custom Wood Dresser When Varnished

We have the early "tokador" or the dresser that is totally made from narra wood and could be considered as one of the earliest custom wood furniture ever built for a dresser as you can see from the structure where it has no drawer at all. Another classic custom wood furniture that my wife started to apply varnish to is the old filing cabinet that has a secret drawer I didn't notice it has for a long time until a time came where i wanted to have somewhere to hide my stuff away from my kid's reach. It is now a beautiful filing cabinet and I can't believe it. with just a few touches of brush filled with mahogany varnish, the filing cabinet already looked like a new yet classical custom wood furniture.

I guess that's what life is here in paradise Philippines where almost all homes are found to have at least a couple of custom wood furniture in the house especially the old houses that are built in the early centuries like this house where we are staying.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

From Paradise Philippines/Philippines Paradise to Simply Paradise Philippines

Changing My Title Tag

Today I tried to play around with my title tag and changed it from paradise Philippines/Philippines paradise to simply paradise Philippines and I wanted to see what happens after I make my changes all over the web using ping service.
Pinging the Change of My Paradise Philippines Blog
After I made the changes to my paradise Philippines blog, I decided to try and ping to make the changes available in just a matter of minutes and the changes took effect after 3 minutes to be exact.
Seeing the Title Change

After seeing the title change from paradise Philippines/Philippines paradise to simply paradise Philippines, I had one of the best results. I already ranked 35th from 37 and still fluctuating. I hope this change will give me a better result for my subject. Trying to concentrate my posts to the title tag could be an effective way to get better rankings especially if the index is full of changes almost every second of the day because of the contest on the keyword paradise Philippines.

See you there!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Bombs in Paradise Philippines Malls

Bombs all Over Paradise Philippines Malls

Today I came home early because of a bomb that was found near the thrash can at the mall where I was working in. I actually saw the bomb bag itself while I was about to go outside to buy some parts for the amusement machines that we are working on.

I was surprised to see people at first when I came down the mall outside in one of the entrance doors and policemen were gathering around the bag that they said is allegedly containing some bomb. I didn't bother at first but when I came back after buying the parts that we are going to use in the repairs of the mother board of the amusement machine that we are working on, the policemen wouldn't allow me to go through the crowd as there were already bomb squad people who are getting ready for diffusing and making sure what the bag contains.

My ID Saved Me Time to Warn My Officemates

I thought of at once that I have an ID in my pocket which I usually take out from my own bag whenever I go out of work and buy something for use at repairs and jobs that we are doing. I showed the ID to the policeman and he let me pass. I asked the man behind me who seems to be an official and he told me that there was indeed a bomb in the bag at the stairs and that the bomb squad people are about to take some look inside and see what's inside.

Being on Top Over Panic Will Save you in Difficult Times

While walking upstairs, nobody seems to know anything about the commotion downstairs as my co-workers and office mates, were so relaxed working. When I told them about the incident below, they reacted so little but after a few seconds, the people all came shouting outside the amusement and went running havoc and panicked running in the stairs. I was at first afraid that there is going to be some stampede as in a fraction of a second, everybody is running to the direction of the escalators and running. A few seconds more every in the office shouted to go down at once as the bag was already confirmed to contain a bomb.

I imagined that if this is how people here in paradise Philippines is going to react to things and incidents like this one, then there is no doubt that many would have died in case a bomb incidentally exploded and what I'm proud of myself is that I know deep inside of me that I will not become a fatality as I was calm and know that even if the bomb would have exploded, we were far away from the direction of it.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Paradise Phils is All About the Beauty of Philipines

Paradise Phils is actually the same word as Paradise Philippines. They both fall under the same keyword and I wish that the search engines, especially Google will see this specific keyword as something which has no difference at all.

Even if what we see is just some sort of an acronym of paradise Philippines as a keyword, I am targeting the search engines to see what difference these two has at all and if by chances that this is something that they cannot see has any difference, then, I will be targeting to rank higher with only the keywords paradise Phils instead of the true word paradise Philippines.

Let's see how this works for me and my blog about paradise Phils. Hope to see the results in the morning and so for now, it's going to be goodnight. Watchout!

Latent Semantic Indexing with Paradise Philippines Keyword

The Paradise Philippines Keyword and LSI

I have been in to studying the effects of latent semantic indexing behaviors of Google lately for use in the experiment about the latest SEO contest launched by SEO Philippines dubbed as the Bayanihan SEO Contest with the target keywords as Paradise Philippines.

Seeking Results For Paradise Philippines

When I tried searching for other words related to paradise Philippines, there is a big difference now with respect to the results that come out from the SERPS including those other keywords that I am interested in taking a brief experiment about. If my theories are right, then this could be a start of yet another breakthrough in the SEO field here in the Philippines particularly for me. I have done some twists in my blog related to paradise Philippines keyword and my success is indeed overwhelmingly gave positive results.
Intelligent Research and Keyword Twists

A combination of both intelligent research and blogging with a constant keyword twists gave me the advantage of being in the first 3 pages related to the keyword paradise Philippines. Now, even if there is stiff competition going on with the said keyword, I still managed to be on the top 3 pages this morning and it all can be attributed to a short experiment about latent semantic indexing or the odd use of Google of keyword indexing technologies to be able to come up with an accurate indexing result that the SEO arena and the public viewers will both accept as accurate and without any doubts. Of course this is in base to their owb point of view and technology when it comes to indexing results for a certain keyword.
The Paradise Philippines Conclusion Soon

There must be a slight difference between the results somewhere along the way when you use a keyword to let the search engines see that it is actually the same meaning as the original keyword target. Another thing is that there is also a slight difference between ordinary keyword competition and in a contest such as the paradise Philippines SEO keyword ranking contest here in the Philippines. Just stay tuned for some more of this related post as I continue to be on the top spot which will prove that my theories are right about latent semantic indexing or the indexing technologies being used by the biggest search engine in the land and arena of SEO which is Google.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Paradise Philippines Keyword Contest Update?

The Paradise Philippines Keyword Ranking Contest

I made this post about paradise Philippines keyword ranking contest as I had nowhere to go to when it comes to updates and the latest rankings that are available today in the internet. Unlike before in the Ituloy AngSulong contest, we saw the likes of the results provided by a website that actually deals with providing the results in the big three search engines, Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Who Offers Paradise Philippines Keyword Ranking Results?

Now where's the beef? Where can we find one legit site that offers the service of giving out the latest results and algorithms about the Paradise Philippines keyword ranking contest here in the Philippines.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Shoemoney's SEO and Linkbait Tactics Revealed

What makes an effective linkbait in the SEO industry that we live in? This specific paradise Philippines post will hopefully be the first among all posts in the Philippines about SEO tactics and linkbaiting and the relation of this SEO link building on the industry of search engine marketing (SEM), Shoemoney and the dynasty that he raised in the PPC and affiliate marketing arena. I would like to make it clear that this is just an opinion and part of SEO and optimizing things that are happening in the blogging industry and the affiliate marketing edge of Google which is Google AdSense.

Everybody in the affiliate marketing arena knows that shoemoney sits in the heirarchial dynasty of PPC and affiliate marketing. Sorry if my words are not the proper ones but please yield in to my language as I myself is just some newbie in the world of PPC advertising and affiliate marketing. Crappy with his boastfulness on displaying the AdSense check and earnings, this man, I came across back when I was new to SEO in paradise Philippines and to the Philippines blogging community. It was my brother who first introduced me to this man whom he said earns the 6 or s0 digits when it comes to AdSense. That time i saw "shoemoney" as the bald person who stands beside his monstrous Hummer car in black and I wondered if anyone here in the Philippines is actually earning as much as a four digit in AdSense.

That was the first time that I said that there will never be a shoemoney here in paradise Philippines as there will be another era that we will introduce to the Filipino SEO and affiliate marketing industry and it will be - THE ADSENSE BROTHERS OF PHILLIPPINES. Yes! there will never be another shoemoney but there will surely be a new era that we are going to introduce.

Reading today at the V7N forum about a certain linkbait being allegedly cooked lately by the bald man himself, Jeremy Shoemacher, a.k.a. shoemoney, I hurried to my blogspot about paradise Philippines and started to make this post as this will surely echo in the minds of other affiliate marketers here in the Philippines. The link bait goes on like this -

anyone think this was just some link bait?

So indeed this was a linkbait and it took me a few seconds to think and see if I could have something out of this and probably make some options open for myself to learn a little from an effective SEO linkbait tactic.

The Perfect and Effective SEO in Linkbaiting

The most important thing here to learn are the different elements that make up an effective link baiting tactic. Th first element is an anonymous persona making up the brag in some very popular forum where many webmasters come and read the latest buzz in the affiliate marketing world and SEO. A fall guy will be the one to make the announcement about a certain buzz. In this case, it was the person who posted about the thread starter above.

The second element will have to be a perfect buzz or controversy involving a very popular icon in the affiliate marketing world (shoemoney is a perfect one) the controversy issue is about the big time directory that everybody is inkling to get admitted in to (now, isn't this a perfect controversy?).

The third element will be killing the surprise with yet another surprise as the main man himself shows all of a sudden in between the forum threads and bragging about his reply which is half like this and half like that as if admitting and not admitting but all the while just making sure that the thread spreads out because the holy grail is in th threads and that it could be possible that it is a cooked linkbait now. This is indeed an intelligent way to make some money in the shoe. Just like what John Scott said, "for traffic, you can't beat link baiting."

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who cares blogs are lame

Im Feeling Lucky! | ShoeMoney

Now who would say that this is not linkbait? In fact, for me this is a perfect one like the crime of the century in the field of SEO and linkbaiting here in paradise Philippines.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Lomography in Paradise Philippines

Lomography - lomography is the art of photography that uses the latest in photo technology utilizing the use of a lomo camera. This lomo camera is first introduced in Russia as an art of taking a picture and being able to actually change or distort the picture colors and effects using the lomo camera. Lomography is also implementing the latest in photography by integrating a new feature in changing the colors without using the software of photoshop and do it right at the convenience of the place where yo took the picture. Also, with lomography, you can use the latest feature of the lomo camera which is the colored flash bulb.

Lomography is the latest hobby of many photographers today here in paradise Philippines and is fast becoming one of the best modifications in the photographic industry in the Philippines today. I have seen in the news that a fellow Filipino who is a Photography savvy and hobbyist had gone to the U.S> just to have her camera converted into some sort of the same featured lomo camera.

This by far is the latest innovation in the digital photography industry here in paradise Philippines and is fast becoming a trend in many other countries worldwide. This paradise Philippines blog wants to be part of the first people to have it discussed here at Paradise Philippines / Philippines Paradise blog.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Mark Jimenez - The Man Behind Hulog ng Langit

Mark Jimenez - The strong man behind the Hulog ng Langit Foundation, Mark "MJ" Jimenez is the most controversial man in the paradise Philippines politics and in the Business community. Born in 1946 at the land of a few historical passion in Paco, Manila he grew up as boy who used to sneak some food from their house only to give them to his friends and neighbors who he sees needs them more than he does. This was the nature of his persona after all those years and still is up to this point in time as his young political career led him to be one of the most controversial personality in the former president Joseph Estrada administration.

Religious Part Of his Soul

As a young boy in the neighborhood, Mark "MJ" Jimenez served the people and the church as a local sacristan who does chores in the weekly occasion of the church which is the "misa". When he reached the age of 12, he decided to enter the Our Lady of Guadalupe seminary and served for quite some time only to realize he had to go and follow his will on other things in life. Going to the Ateno de Manila University, Mark Jimenez took a bachelor's degree which he wasn't able to finish as he decided to drop out of one of the most prestigious schools in paradise Philippines today. May be this led the start of him in his days as a matured person to go and continue his good deeds and an become an instrument of God through his Hulog ng Langit foundation, known for its many big ways of helping both the poor and the needy.

Becoming the Successful Businessman

After he dropped out of college he was in to many other businesses and decided to marry.
Then he decided to go for some big time business, related to computer parts in Latin American countries and stayed in the U.S. for some time. He was able to make the company an established venture in business and was actually at the top 300 fastest growing ones in the U.S. by 1990 with over $500 million a year of gross income and it never failed him as this was the nature of the man, strong-willed and able to do things as his heart desires. He became a well known as a businessman and as one of the best CEO in America to included in the who's who list in America thereafter.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Malacanang and the Arroyo Bribery on Impeachment Complaint Issue

Just the other day in paradise Philippines, a meeting at the Malacanang happened between the congressmen and the Philippine President. Rumor has it that it was part of a courtship by the Arroyo administration to push the already existing and weak impeachment complaint allegedly for the out of the President.

This impeachment complaint is a weak one and if this will push through, chances are it will save the president of the paradise Philippines from getting ousted by one. As if this weak impeachment complaint will push through, it will have no substance at all to hold the president liable for her case against the Philippines, its government and the Filipino people.

The truth is that if such a weak impeachment complaint which they see will only be trashed in the waste can, will proceed and push through, the president will become immune to other impeachment complaints thereafter until the year ends and this will ensure the president that she can stay in her seat for the year which is by far better than loosing it early this year.

This means that the impeachment complaint if it is a genuine impeachment complaint will be strong and the president is doing an all out campaign to push a fake and weak one to win the battle against the people and the opposition.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Software Piracy in Paradise Philippines

Cyber Piracy in Paradise Philippines

Heard or seen the news about software piracy lately? It's all about pirates in paradise Philippines and these pirates are not the kind of pirates that you can find in the sea wondering and robbing the treasures of other galleons or big boats. These pirates in paradise Philippines are those that you can only find in the land and not stealing the treasures of galleons but those that are in the cyber technology and business - softwares and programs.

Video Audio and Software Piracy

From audio to video to softwares, these are the primary target of the best pirates that you can find here in paradise Philippines. It has been very pronounced today in the streets of Avenida and Recto where there were many small stands and business ventures that serve a big portion of the student population in paradise Philippines regarding needs on audio files, mostly those MP 4 format and MP 3 format audio files for use in their hand held MP3 and MP 4 gadgets. The audio files that can be downloaded in the said gadgets are allegedly stolen from original copy and sold and can be downloaded without permission from the publisher or artist or payment of royalties on reproducing these said audio files.

The (OMB) Optical Media Board Raid

One of the most pronounced and common stolen stuff are those softwares and the OMB or Optical Media Board has had its greatest moments hauling here and there those bulks of softwares in the form of cd's and the PCs that contain what they said to be stolen softwares and programs. The question here is where will the OMB put all those literally millions of stolen contents in cds and stolen softwares that are inside the PCs? I have seen in a video that they were just left out like rotting tomatoes in some bodega or store room. Another question is was the raid done by the (OMB) Optical Media Board equipped with the proper warrants and search permits? Were these raid in paradise Philippines a legal move? or just some way to overcome big criticisms from the public and clamor from the big companies abroad that truly own the softwares?

Ridding Paradise Philippines with Software Piracy

Well, this will only prove that the people of paradise Philippines are willing to give way to stiff and fair competition in terms of software and cyber technology as the drive to sweep the industry with such piracy is a good initiative but we, the paradise Philippines people are hoping that this will not be just another way to deceive and cover the mouth and eyes of critics but a sheer hones drive to rid the paradise Philippines country with all the cyber piracy gadgets and softwares.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Militants, In the Verge of Online Competitions and Media Exposure

LFS and BAYAN in the Online Media Exposure

Yesterday, while searching for details and information about the ZTE broadband deal scam in the internet, i was really surprised at who were on top over the other when th results appeared. I never thought that the militants already have their own websites like the LFS or the League of Filipino Students and the BAYAN or the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan.
Remembering the Good Old Days in the Student Activism
I remember I have been once part of the progressive movement in my own small way back in my college days and was really surprised at how they managed to make their own website now and compete with the online world regarding their principles and let the paradise Philippines community know what was happening in the outside world of the working class factories and offices.

Militant Websites Contributes to Cyber Development

This is one of the best ways today to know that the cyber development in the paradise Philippines is now in a boom as these militant movements never before chose to go public this way to avoid complications with the organization matters. This is a nice initiative and I hope this will continue to prosper as I can now read all about the organization and possibly blog a post or two about them and what's the latest buzz in the student movement in the Internet Philippines Review and the latest news that like the old days used to be unbiased and full of juicy information that people can take in while at home.

The Mystery Man in the ZTE Broadband Scam

Who is the Man Behind the ZTE Broadband Scam?

Since the ZTE broadband scam news sprouted like mushroom, no one seem to bother about who was really the mystery man behind the multi million dollar broadband deal scam between the Philippine government and the Chinese government.

Benjamin Abalos Resigns for Silence

Everybody sees Benjamin Abalos and Jose De Venecia says so much and takes the name of the first gentleman Mike Arroyo. Could he be the mystery man that everybody is looking for or is it Mr. Romulo Neri? No one knows up to this point. All I know is that the administration of the Arroyos are doing all they can to hide something filthy fishy going on in the deal. After freezing the ongoing transactions with the ZTE telecoms, now Benjamin Abalos is out of the seat in the COMELEC. Is this another form of silencer and manipulation regarding the issue? who's next?

Who is the Mystery Man in the Broadband Scam?

Who's next then, will it be senator Manny Villar? Will it be Senator Cayetano? I heard that The president Gloria Arroyo is trying to crawl the pants of the two big time people responsible for stopping the ongoing hearing about the ZTE broadband deal scam or at least, delaying the hearings. Together, they could do so much but at what price? This is multi million investment once again that the Arroyos are going in to bargain early before the elections. This is not right as from the start the people of paradise Philippines are already cautious on this one. We don't want any debt by connivance anymore and so just to get them all paid at the cost of the country's sovereign decision. Stop this foolishness now or suffer the might of the best bloggers here in paradise Philippines.

The Desperate Housewives Issue

The Desperate Housewives Controversy

Recently, a big controversy embalmed the paradise Philippines and the Filipino medical society and schools. this was a bout the Desperate Housewives issue. No not those true desperate housewives out here but the Desperate Housewives tv series in the United States. Teri Hatcher who plays the character of Susan Meyer had a short dialogue in on e episode saying that " I have to make sure that they're not from some med school in the Internet Philippines Review.

The Jerk Who Wrote the Dialogue

The writer could have done better without touching the integrity of med schools in the Philippines in general. The medical profession is not some big joke that you can just crack out in a minute or two just like that you have to be responsible with the conversations that you make as a writer and for this one I salute him for being such a big jerk whoever he is for doing it good and ruining his reputation as well as he did all the medical professionals that he touched with the dialogue that he made.

ABC Network Apologizing to the Philippine Government

Even if the ABC network made a letter of apology, the fact is that the damage is already done so the people and the medical community is asking for reverting the damage through a public apology using the same instance of an episode in the popular soap. It is very wrong to use that as a joke in any other circumstance and certainly not in any drama or soaps like the Desperate Housewives who is being watched by literally millions of people who can only understand one thing from that short conversation. That medical schools and medical practitioners from the Philippines Internet Review should be avoided by people of the United States.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Pacquiao Barrera Fight 2 Finally Happens

Pacquiao Barrera Fight 2 at Mandalay Bay Arena

Finally, the Pacquiao Barrera fight 2 will take place at the Mandalay Bay Boxing Arena on October 6 and in the Philippines in October 7. The whole of paradise Philippines is excited to watch the fight and almost all cable tv subscribers are on the hurry as the limited slots for the pay per view will only be up to Friday afternoon according to the customer service assistant that I talked to this afternoon.

The Fight Plan

The actual time of the fight in ET is 9:00 PM in the U.S. and in PT is 6:00 PM in the Philippines and the fight was dubbed as Will To Fight by the boxing promoters. There can only be one outcome and this will surely be a knockout. Neither one of the fighters will take second chances at going all out with their punches because for Barrera, this is resurrection from the previous devastating defeat he suffered in the hands of Pacquiao and for Pacman himself, this will take him to the top where he said he belongs as the best pound for pound boxer who ever won three division championships and the only fighter in the world to have defeated both the greatest fighters in Erik Morales and Marco Antonio Barrera. His fight plan is no less than knock Antonio Barrera out and remain the last man standing!

Pacquiao Want's to Settle All Disputes

Hoping to settle all disputes, the Pacman is out to give the same results to the paradise Philippines people who are also hoping that he will bring home the glory of the boxing ring once more to the Filipino people. He hope to do the same thing again to Barrera in their first fight.

Disputes have no place in his heart this time and even if he's been to many controversies early before that caused the fight to get rescheduled so many times, he still wants no less than the championship belt in his waist and the glory to his country - paradise Philippines. This is the main aim of Manny Pacquiao when he enters the ring and slug it out with the champion Marco Antonio Barrera. The Pacquiao Barrera Fight 2 will surely take a step forward to making great fighters out of the two champions but the question is who will be the last man standing?