Friday, October 05, 2007

The Mystery Man in the ZTE Broadband Scam

Who is the Man Behind the ZTE Broadband Scam?

Since the ZTE broadband scam news sprouted like mushroom, no one seem to bother about who was really the mystery man behind the multi million dollar broadband deal scam between the Philippine government and the Chinese government.

Benjamin Abalos Resigns for Silence

Everybody sees Benjamin Abalos and Jose De Venecia says so much and takes the name of the first gentleman Mike Arroyo. Could he be the mystery man that everybody is looking for or is it Mr. Romulo Neri? No one knows up to this point. All I know is that the administration of the Arroyos are doing all they can to hide something filthy fishy going on in the deal. After freezing the ongoing transactions with the ZTE telecoms, now Benjamin Abalos is out of the seat in the COMELEC. Is this another form of silencer and manipulation regarding the issue? who's next?

Who is the Mystery Man in the Broadband Scam?

Who's next then, will it be senator Manny Villar? Will it be Senator Cayetano? I heard that The president Gloria Arroyo is trying to crawl the pants of the two big time people responsible for stopping the ongoing hearing about the ZTE broadband deal scam or at least, delaying the hearings. Together, they could do so much but at what price? This is multi million investment once again that the Arroyos are going in to bargain early before the elections. This is not right as from the start the people of paradise Philippines are already cautious on this one. We don't want any debt by connivance anymore and so just to get them all paid at the cost of the country's sovereign decision. Stop this foolishness now or suffer the might of the best bloggers here in paradise Philippines.

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