Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Just Found a Way to Remove All Useless Links in This Blog on Christmas

It's Christmas day 2013 and what a great day to start and end it with being able to find so many useless links on this blog since 2007. There must've been hundreds of them I just took off from each individual post I found on my index. While doing that, I was glad to finally free it from being a link farm I've done in the early days of being a SEO practitioner in the Philippines.

Top Factors Affecting Positive Search Engine Rankings

The jury of search engine experts over at SEOMoz has weighed in, and here are the top factors affecting search engine placement, according to them, with my comments.
1. Keyword Use in Title Tag
I have said for many years that if I had a gun to my head, and could do only one thing to a web page to optimize it, my choice would be the title tag. Put your keyphrases in your title tag, and remember to optimize each page individually (i.e. don't overstuff your title tag, and have different title tags for each page that reflect the content of that particular page - otherwise, you may suffer from a duplicative content exclusion and find yourself in the supplemental results).

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Got To Believe Teleserye Pilot Episode - Will the Premier Be Successful?

So the question still remains if the new soap of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla will be successful. It's Got To Believe and you bet that all Kathniel Fans will be out to watch these two cute teens as a pair once more and what's best, in Philippine television everyday. My daughter said this will be a new limelight in the teen ager files for watching soaps in the Philippines.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Pinoy Nurses like my Niece, excited to pass the upcoming nursing exam 2013

Because the nursing board exam is getting near, the release of the official NLE result for June 2013 test is also soon on its way to be announced by PRC. I have a niece who will take the said licensure exam for nurses in the Philippines and I know for one that all Pnoy nurses are whole year round getting more and more excited as the date fast approaches in the calendar.

If you are one of those who will take the examination, I would like to suggest that you get yourself enrolled to a decent review center so you can get a notch up ahead over your competition, come the test day proper. A refresher's course will definitely give you the edge to pass this test administered yearly by the nursing board of Professional Regulation Commission.

Posted this short note to wish my niece luck. She is going to need more of it apart from I know that for a fact she is industrious in doing self study. She said she can't trust just any review center out there that had so much bad publicity all around the internet. By the way, you can try to check this page for the upcoming list of nursing licensure exam passers here -