Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Wood Furniture for Paradise Philippines Homes

Homes in Paradise Philippines

Almost every home in paradise Philippines are equipped with the latest or the oldest wood furniture. The idea actually came when my wife started to use the old bottle of mahogany varnish in the old wood furniture that we have at home. Those old furniture are actually custom wood furniture that could have been possibly built from the 17th century hand tools of the early craftsmen of paradise Philippines.

The Custom Wood Dresser When Varnished

We have the early "tokador" or the dresser that is totally made from narra wood and could be considered as one of the earliest custom wood furniture ever built for a dresser as you can see from the structure where it has no drawer at all. Another classic custom wood furniture that my wife started to apply varnish to is the old filing cabinet that has a secret drawer I didn't notice it has for a long time until a time came where i wanted to have somewhere to hide my stuff away from my kid's reach. It is now a beautiful filing cabinet and I can't believe it. with just a few touches of brush filled with mahogany varnish, the filing cabinet already looked like a new yet classical custom wood furniture.

I guess that's what life is here in paradise Philippines where almost all homes are found to have at least a couple of custom wood furniture in the house especially the old houses that are built in the early centuries like this house where we are staying.

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