Monday, August 20, 2007

All About the Philippines and the Filipino People

People of Paradise Philippines

The origin of the term Filipino is a Spaniard born in the Paradise Philippines also called in the early times of the Spanish colonization as the Insulares. The term Filipino or insulares serves as a distinguishing word apart from the peninsulares of the european-born Spaniards. sometime in the nineteenth century though, the term Filipino is widely becoming a popular term for the indigenous people of the Philippines. An early buzz in those times allegedly heard it most that the word Filipino came from a popular insulares in Dr. Jose Rizal. He was believed to be the first one to call the inhabitants of the Philippines as "Filipino". Colloquially, Filipino would also mean in the whole paradise Philippines as Pinoy or Pinay in the feminine side. This means that as early as the 20th century, the coining of the word Pinoy became a popular word-of-mouth for the resident Filipino-Americans and thus was later on adopted by the local paradise Philippines population.

The Philippines is a Paradise of the Malays

Although it is believed that the early inhabitants of the Philippines paradise are called as Malays or who are Malaysians that populated the Philippines, there is actually a contradicting belief that it is not the absolute truth because there are other first inhabitants on the island. These inhabitants of the Philippines paradise are said to be the Astronesian-speaking migrants who arrived in the paradise Philippines in the iron age from China and Taiwan. This belief came from the early contemporary anthropologists, linguists and archaeologists.

The Early Inhabitants of Paradise Philippines

The early belief however that the Philippines is inhabited by Malay race is about the combination of the coining of the term Malay and the color of the skin of the locals which is brown, just like the Indian (Malay) archipelago. This belief is coincidental to the fact that the main route where the early Philippines inhabitants came from Malaysia. This is the actual opposite to the newest theory that the Malays who inhabited the Malay archipelago and its mainland, Malaysia actually came from the Philippines who are the same Astronesian-speaking migrants that first came in the Philippines. So there is actually two contradicting beliefs regarding the early inhabitants of the paradise Philippines.

Paradise Philippines Ancestry

As of today , there has not been any significant studies and findings that relate to the past of the people in the land regarding the original ancestors of the paradise Philippines. There were of course some sporadic data gathered through genetic studies with statistics that lead to important clues about the true identity of the people in the paradise Philippines as a paradise of many origins. a study based in the U.S. way back in 2001 says that there is a strong correlation to the southern Chinese and Taiwanese aborigines which points out that our nearest relative are from both the Taiwan - Ami Tribe and the southern China locals.

Another study from China Medical University in 2002 states that certain Filipinos share a common denominator in their genes or gene marker with the Taiwanese aborigines and the Indonesians which suggests that we truly came from their genetic structures and this is the reason why we are alike with them.

Paradise Philippines Culture

The paradise Philippines culture is actually a mixture of all the different conquistadors that has colonized out country. Being so, allow me to mention some of the greatest cultural heritage that we have and where they came from. Although we have various native groups living in the island in the early days of the Philippines as a paradise of many cultures.

The Spaniards - The only lasting legacy of the Spaniards to the culture of the paradise Philippines Islands is the catholic belief and the customs and traditions of the Roman Catholic. Up to this day we still have these cultures as our main heritage from Spain. We also got from them the strong urge for gatherings such as "fiesta" which we all know is from since when.

Paradise Philippines Language

According to the authority in languages, the SIL (Summer Institute of Linguistics) now called as SIL International, based on a web print that was publicized by the institute called as the "ethnologue", there are actually about 170 legitimately spoken different languages in the Philippines as a paradise today. The most common known language for many Filipinos is the "Tagalog". This language is often confused as the identity of the Filipino language in the paradise Philippines.

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Malu Fernandez and Her Elitist Acts Towards OFW

The Malu Fernandez Buzz

What's hot today in the Philippine blogosphere? Well, it's Malu Fernandez, a columnist who wrote about the the OFW being a sardine and her hates of being with them, just like a bunch of sardine in a sardine can. She also boasted about her expensive perfume while saying that the OFWs are using some cheap cologne making her own evaporate into thin air.

Malu Fernandez Showboats of Being an Elite

Saying the terms below she means that she is dismembering herself from the Filipino community and that she is far different from her fellow Filipinos who are working out their sweat just to give a decent life to their families.

This time i had already resigned myself to being trapped like a sardine in a sardine can with all these OFWs smelling of AXE and Charlie cologne while my Jo Malone evaporated into thin air.

Malu Fernandez Eats no Rice but Shit

What this Malu Fernandez think she is an alien eating a different food from what the common masses have in their small dining tables. Doesn't this Malu Fernandez eat rice? Maybe she deserves a slap in the face for her to wake up from a nightmare that she created bursting out unnecessary words against the very same people who made us all live in pride and decency.

Malu Fernandez is a Stinking Smelly Rotten Fish

This is what we call as what Dr. Jose Rizal does - "mabahong isda". Yes, she is a stinking smelly rotten fish, more than what she thought of the OFWs who earned their peso and dollar in sweats and not in self promoting an elitist columnist in her.

As last hurrah, this blog wants to tell Malu Fernandez out there that nobody dares step into OFWs and Filipinos just like what she did. We will not let this happen without justice to the OFW !

NO to discrimination of OFW.

Malu Fernandez - Fire her out!

BOYCOTT People Asia Magazine !

BOYCOTT other publications that support Malu Fernandez articles.

We will not stop until Malu Fernandez is out for good and she should apologize "to all" OFW that she descriminated. Lahat ng inalipusta nya doon sa meetup na yon dapat nya isa-isahin hingan ng public apology. Malu Fernandez is a shame to the Filipino people, the OFW and the Filipino communities abroad. Malu Fernandez made the biggest mistake in her life trying to humiliate not just herself but her family as well with what wrong impression she generated about the OFW all over the world. If this is her way to be famous, then so be it. This blog is just the start of something even bigger.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Paradise in Taytay Falls

See the video of Taytay Falls in Majayjay, Laguna where people are happily boating away their time in the mouth of the falls while enjoying the paradise Philippines views and good places such as this one.

If you want to reach Taytay Falls, you can e-mail me at and I will gladly take you to an unforgettable tour to the place. I have friends there who knows the place so very well more than me. I also know people who we can reserve for overnight accommodations at a decent bed and bath with a complete view of the mountains of Laguna. As a plus i will take you to an old bamboo house there whom the owners are very entertaining and lived ion the place since their younger years. The plantations of different vegies are also breath taking to look at and the coconuts are all very fresh and good to eat and its juice very fresh for your drinking spree. It is indeed a paradise in the Philippines when summer comes so if you are looking for a total enjoyment, visit paradise Philippines in Taytay Falls .

Cold Weather is in the Philippines

Cold weather is indeed here in paradise Philippines with the coming of the multiple typhoons and monsoon rains in the archipelago. If rains continue to toil the lands and give water to the dams, then this could be a good sign for the people to be able to recover out of water shortage in the land.

This is the actual video of typhoon Milenyo that devastated the lands of the paradise Philippines before. I hope this type of typhoon never runs in the highways of our lands again. If so, I hope we get out of it soon. The people in paradise Philippines are all hoping that this occurrence would not repeat again.

Typhoon Dodong in Paradise Philippines

Typhoon in the Philippines
Typhoon in the Philippines is a very common occurrence. Just today, Dodong is expected to devastate the lands with his wind powers reaching to the max. These typhoons made the Philippines a paradise of these typhoons which number reaches up to about 20 each year. The typhoons that make the country suffer floods and disasters have made some of the country's population very cautious at times that the rainy season arrives from the Philippine Sea.

Typhoons in the Philippines have claimed so many lives since time immemorial but still this time of the day, we feel very lucky to have been a highway for many typhoons. The reason is because typhoons somehow shed some light to our land if the waters in the dams are running low in the expected level standards to be able to predict a steady supply of water in the Metro for about a year or so. If these typhoons don't come over for the months that it is expected to come, the country authorities are doing some alternative ways to be able to generate the needed water supply to the dams and the green plantations of agricultural products for which the Philippines is very popular with. Since water is a main need for any agriculture to prosper and grow, then water is an essential part of these products for the people of the paradise Philippines.

Through careful assessments, typhoons somehow put the Philippine lands in a suitable situation where the various agricultural lands prosper out of having been rained in caused by typhoons. The disadvantage with this occurrence is that if the typhoons grow into a humongous super typhoon, then, the more the country will suffer from shortage of vegetable supplies in many metro areas because the routes are being clogged by the landslides and fallen trees brought about by the tremendous winds of these typhoons. I guess this just about wraps it out that typhoons are not really the ones we expect for the agriculture of our lands to prosper but the rains, plain old monsoon rains in paradise Philippines.

Friday, August 03, 2007

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Artificial Rains in Paradise Philippines

Paradise Philippines is Raining Artificially

Today it has been a week or so that the metro is experiencing some sort of a brief and scattered rain showers from the skies of various places in the designated areas in Metro Manila. I believe that this is the work of the artificial process of making the paradise Philippines land filled with rain and recover from too much loss of water due to EL Nino.
El Nino in Paradise Philippines

They say that the dams are starting to loose the needed water and that the water level is way too low and way below the expectations and standards of the bureau of water management in the Philippines. they also say that this will cause them to make some rationing of water supply in the future. Warning the people of the paradise Philippines that this will take effect anytime of the month if the water supply will not recover from the big loss due to El Nino.

Meanwhile, it is advised clearly by the proper authorities that people of the paradise Philippines should start the conservation procedures of water consumption to avoid a possible less supply of the major household need.

The Imelda Spoof - Famous In and Outside Philippines

A Paradise Philippines Spoof on Imelda Marcos

I am watching the news tonight when I got surprised about the latest on Imelda Marcos - the former first lady of the paradise Philippines. Guess what it was? A spoof on the first lady as a maid singing some familiar song "dahil sa yo". It was a really funny spoof as i have seen that spoof before and you can't really tell if it's Imelda the former first lady of the paradise Philippines or not.

Video of Paradise Philippines Spoof

The video embedding codes of the spoof of Imelda Marcos was removed when I tried to look at it after seeing the news and thinking that this one is hot. I don't know what the exact reason was or the person responsible for removing the embedding codes for the spoof. The only lead left for the video is this URL I hope this makes it to the most powerful blogs and let others see what the effect will be to the paradise Philippines blog viewers and fanatics.