Sunday, October 21, 2007

Bombs in Paradise Philippines Malls

Bombs all Over Paradise Philippines Malls

Today I came home early because of a bomb that was found near the thrash can at the mall where I was working in. I actually saw the bomb bag itself while I was about to go outside to buy some parts for the amusement machines that we are working on.

I was surprised to see people at first when I came down the mall outside in one of the entrance doors and policemen were gathering around the bag that they said is allegedly containing some bomb. I didn't bother at first but when I came back after buying the parts that we are going to use in the repairs of the mother board of the amusement machine that we are working on, the policemen wouldn't allow me to go through the crowd as there were already bomb squad people who are getting ready for diffusing and making sure what the bag contains.

My ID Saved Me Time to Warn My Officemates

I thought of at once that I have an ID in my pocket which I usually take out from my own bag whenever I go out of work and buy something for use at repairs and jobs that we are doing. I showed the ID to the policeman and he let me pass. I asked the man behind me who seems to be an official and he told me that there was indeed a bomb in the bag at the stairs and that the bomb squad people are about to take some look inside and see what's inside.

Being on Top Over Panic Will Save you in Difficult Times

While walking upstairs, nobody seems to know anything about the commotion downstairs as my co-workers and office mates, were so relaxed working. When I told them about the incident below, they reacted so little but after a few seconds, the people all came shouting outside the amusement and went running havoc and panicked running in the stairs. I was at first afraid that there is going to be some stampede as in a fraction of a second, everybody is running to the direction of the escalators and running. A few seconds more every in the office shouted to go down at once as the bag was already confirmed to contain a bomb.

I imagined that if this is how people here in paradise Philippines is going to react to things and incidents like this one, then there is no doubt that many would have died in case a bomb incidentally exploded and what I'm proud of myself is that I know deep inside of me that I will not become a fatality as I was calm and know that even if the bomb would have exploded, we were far away from the direction of it.

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