Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How do you get 8,000 Links Using Basic SEO and a Challenge

This is nothing new to the Busby SEO Challenge on how do participants gain 8,000 links in one single month. Well, it will all depend on how you use your talent in link building because link building seem simple from the start but these days, they a little bit easier and complicated.

It is indeed easier to get links but because Google did something to the link reading efforts, it made things a little bit complicated. A sudden upsurgge of links can dramatically drop you down from the results and you'll be surprised to see your site or a client's site in the last of the results.

A good example of this is the Busby SEO Challenge contest launched by Busyby Web Solutions. Some participants already have links by the number but see where they are in the results. Google won't let it be that fast for those guys using an old domain with literally thousands and thousands of links already present and indexed by the search engines. It won't be that easy to use those links so an advantage could be derived by launching a few new domains that has the keywords in the domain and from there you give it a few links and then point all the links that you will make out of that site point to the domain you have for the contest.

So how do I really give it a kick and allow the search engines see my links? Well, let's see how this does. I just hope this Busby SEO Challenge contest teaches me more about how the search engines behave these days. It is a very important factor to see how they see efforts and how they display it in front of the people.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Offpage Effort for Busby SEO Challenge Entries

We have as a team 2 entries to the Busby SEO Challengerace and we intend to win this landing in the # 1 position at the end of the time frame given by Busby Web Solutions, the major sponsor of this world SEO Contest. We would not go for not more than being on top over the best in the business in the history of all world SEO contests.

Busby SEO Challenge is the perfect venue and we want to take this even if we are what most would call as newbies. We want to be there when everything else happens and we want to prove that we can do more than what the best can do in this challenge. One of our entries is on its way to the top of the results and we hope that a few good effort to push the other one back to the top will be effective. Optimizing the onpage factors of the page that previously belongs to the first page in the top 5 slots is a hard task but someone has to do it and since I own the site, I might as well do it myself and see how I can revive the old glory my site has a few weeks back.

I believe I can do it with the help of the team and with the help of my skills. I wanted to prove that I can do something, in fact I have a little experiment and I hope to succeed on this in as fastest a period as I can. This will involve the stiff competition in the Busby SEO Challenge keyword and so this is just perfect for me and my experiment. We'll see if this will erase the theories in my head. If it does, I will probably be the first ever to achieve it in a contest. I will be on a constant lookout for the change of results and in getting a double listing.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Stiff Challenge, Stiff Competition

The competition on the Busby SEO Challenge SEO Worldcup indeed is becoming more and more intense as the entries get to the top not by algorithm of the organic results but because of the strict implementation of the different SEO efforts to push each of the competitor's team entries. This is going to be more and more interesting and to see who's who in the arena of white hat SEO, the rules have to become tighter.

First, domains with either of the three major keywords were not allowed and then the algorithm dancing to the tune of the previous world SEO champs. Who will it be this time. I can smell something going on and I am really excited about it. I'd love to see a fair challenge and a fair competition and see who's really the best. I hope Busby Web Solutions, the major sponsor will now allow those entries who are using 301 and so on.

This is also a call to the major sponsor to stand by and warn the competitors who are using the rule loopholes to gain leverage over their competition. This is not fair, tell us what you see is wrong with the rules and so we can all work to make things better for everyone who joined this contest and give a fair challenge to all newbies like me as well. We want to take the thrown and we want to prove something here. This could be another David and Goliath fight till the end in the arena of SEO. Let's play fair and see who's who and who will become the only one.

Monday, June 16, 2008

My Busby SEO Challenge Log Center

I finally made my very own Web Design Toys and I bet you guys out there will also go for this as soon as you find it in the first page of the results after I build more links to it. This is something new for most of you and you might have never known about this one since and this will be the first time that you see it.

I have used this a few months ago in an SEO experiment to push a webpage that I have been building up links to so I personally saw how powerful this page can be when you make one for any type of webpage. But the thing is you have to learn to use it wisely to be able to come up with the best results and this will be pretty easy for you guys to do it and understand from the character of this Busby SEO Challenge Log Center.

This does not allow any comments I guess but what's important is that you will find this one in the top of the charts in as fast as a 5-day period to a week if I do it right with the link building effort bound for this page. See ya all there.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Yahoo Finally Catches Spam E-Mails

Just the other day, I found my Yahoo Mail filled with spam e-mails and a flag icon beside all the e-mails that I have been receiving and this seem something new to me. I got used to going over all my e-mails one by one just to filter out those spam e-mails. This is how it's been for years of internet life and it has never been the same that day the other day.

I'm glad that after a few years of using Yahoo Mail, they finally got the nerve to activate spam guard. I like it the way it is now because it helped me via automatic filtering of literally hundreds of spam e-mails every 2 days or so. Now it is easier than ever for me to do the deletion. The only question however for me is that if Yahoo spamguard will really be as effective in filtering those unwanted e-mails in my Yahoo.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Paid Survey Links Archive

Here's a few more links for the Paid Surveys website that I am able to find while digging in the different directories I am looking at.

My Paid survey Links Archive:

I hope there are other links that I will be able to see in the coming days.