Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween in Paradise Philippines

The Halloween Tradition in Paradise Philippines

As a regular tradition, Halloween in paradise Philippines, is being observed by trying to light a candle in the house vicinity, usually in the stairs of at the "balkonahe" for each soul of a dead loved one or relative when the clock ticks at six o' clock in the evening. This candle will be lit until it runs our of fire from the wick or until it consumes the wax that makes the candle.

Preparations During Halloween

Usually, Halloween is being prepared for by the living families in a way where the members will visit the grave of their dead loved one/s and then cleaning it up and ridding the tall grass and the messy stray plants that grew while it rains in October, a month before Halloween in paradise Philippines happens. The grave will be cleaned to a point where you can freely add a touch of new paint without ruining the original color of the niche with excessive dust and then maybe bring in some food to avoid getting hungry in the middle of the cemetery vicinity.

Stuff to Bring in the Cemetery

After the preparations are done with some cleaning spree, arranging the plants and repainting the niche by the family or a few male members of the household, the next step is to get ready for the actual visit on November 1 or usually the eve before the actual date. Some people would treat this a some sort of an occasion During November 1 by bringing in so much food and staying up till midnight. Some common bring with you are: flowers, a small sound system operated via battery (as there are no electricity source inside the cemetery), a kite to fly in the morning (a regular tradition), water ( as it is scarcely sold inside locations where you are far from the main roads), food, candle, a deck of cards (to play with and pass the time), a rosary (for dedicating prayer) and many more. As a tip, don't forget to bring in with you some first aid kit to avoid rush if something unexpected happens.

Halloween for the Chinese

While this is the usual way of celebrating Halloween in paradise Philippines, to some of our brothers in the Chinese community are also doing their own version of dedicating for the dead and their souls. Their way is to put some food, drinks, candies and all sorts of colors in the surface of the niche or near the picture of their dead. This is being followed as a yearly tradition also by our Chinese brothers as they have a different belief when it comes to treating the dead and their soul. This is their way because they believe that even if a person dies, their souls are continually in transit and wandering beside them so they are offering foods and drinks in belief that it will make the souls of their dead happy even in the other side. That they will appreciate the food and eat them all when the time comes and that it will make them happy.

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