Thursday, August 24, 2006

Dynamic Keyword Insertion Tool

In case you don't know yet, the Google Dynamic Keyword Insertion Tool is one of the most handy easy to use tool in doing SEO for your own ads in campaigns like the pay per clicks. Most managers do employ using this tool with ease because they have found that it could be used in many ways to increase the chances of your ad getting clicked by visitors who browse for relative informations about such keyword or keyphrases.

In your web copywriting, be sure to use the said tool and see the great benefits that it could offer for your revenue-generating ads site and campaigns. AdWords are technically for the purpose of earning income through driving an enormous amount of traffic to your site and this means that you ought to employ techniques which might either be as complicated or as simple depending on your campaign's need. If your site has the traffic that it needs but as uninteresting as the other sites that people and visitors visit, then chances are that your site will be left of than those that uses techniques to convert visitors into customers and virtually earning a significant figure for you to enjoy.

In order to get the clicks that your pay per click ad needs, you must first be seen as something of a different other than those regular sites that visitors see along the sides. In achieving this particular uniqueness, your campaign ad must therefore be different than those conventionally seen ones. One way of achieving this is through the use of the dynamic keyword insertion tool.

Surveys had it that visitors and surfers have that F-formation attitude of looking at a web page. Meaning, they scan any web or page they visit in a way that at first, they do it vertically down the left side and next is vertically down the right side. You know for a fact that your ads are virtually located in either side, so chances are, all you have to do is to use a technique where you can be sure that your ad gets to be more likely clicked due to its uniqueness which makes the visitors catch their attention.

One way of achieving or getting the needed attention to drive to your ads, you can use "bold letters" which practically invite visitors better than those conventionally typed ads. You can prove this true by looking at examples that have the same headlines and providing one that is typed in a way using bold letters. Try surfing for some sites and look for the ads that appear in the sides and try comparing them, this will help you a lot in determining the effectiveness of your ads and maybe you could use the same technique in doing your own campaign. this is of course one of the simple practical ways you could follow in your campaign.

Another way to achieve more clicks in your ads is by using "descriptive words" along with your keyphrase. This way, you can be able to make it more attractive to the eye of visitors. Some sample descriptive words related to a campaign ad are "free", "discount", "cheap", "review" etc. Another way is to "make a headline that features the interest of the visitor". It would be so awkward and corny to use headlines that doesn't pertain to or describe the kind of product or service that your ads are trying to sell so therefore you ought to provide a relation to it. Another way is to provide yourself with another ad campaign and be able to test which could be more effective and could provide you a margin on your earnings. If one of the ad campaign is more effective by way of being able to get more clicks, then by all means, let go of the other. Of course let alone some time frame for your two ads campaign first, like, say some two weeks time or so depending on your budget.