Friday, October 05, 2007

The Desperate Housewives Issue

The Desperate Housewives Controversy

Recently, a big controversy embalmed the paradise Philippines and the Filipino medical society and schools. this was a bout the Desperate Housewives issue. No not those true desperate housewives out here but the Desperate Housewives tv series in the United States. Teri Hatcher who plays the character of Susan Meyer had a short dialogue in on e episode saying that " I have to make sure that they're not from some med school in the Internet Philippines Review.

The Jerk Who Wrote the Dialogue

The writer could have done better without touching the integrity of med schools in the Philippines in general. The medical profession is not some big joke that you can just crack out in a minute or two just like that you have to be responsible with the conversations that you make as a writer and for this one I salute him for being such a big jerk whoever he is for doing it good and ruining his reputation as well as he did all the medical professionals that he touched with the dialogue that he made.

ABC Network Apologizing to the Philippine Government

Even if the ABC network made a letter of apology, the fact is that the damage is already done so the people and the medical community is asking for reverting the damage through a public apology using the same instance of an episode in the popular soap. It is very wrong to use that as a joke in any other circumstance and certainly not in any drama or soaps like the Desperate Housewives who is being watched by literally millions of people who can only understand one thing from that short conversation. That medical schools and medical practitioners from the Philippines Internet Review should be avoided by people of the United States.

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