Friday, October 05, 2007

Militants, In the Verge of Online Competitions and Media Exposure

LFS and BAYAN in the Online Media Exposure

Yesterday, while searching for details and information about the ZTE broadband deal scam in the internet, i was really surprised at who were on top over the other when th results appeared. I never thought that the militants already have their own websites like the LFS or the League of Filipino Students and the BAYAN or the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan.
Remembering the Good Old Days in the Student Activism
I remember I have been once part of the progressive movement in my own small way back in my college days and was really surprised at how they managed to make their own website now and compete with the online world regarding their principles and let the paradise Philippines community know what was happening in the outside world of the working class factories and offices.

Militant Websites Contributes to Cyber Development

This is one of the best ways today to know that the cyber development in the paradise Philippines is now in a boom as these militant movements never before chose to go public this way to avoid complications with the organization matters. This is a nice initiative and I hope this will continue to prosper as I can now read all about the organization and possibly blog a post or two about them and what's the latest buzz in the student movement in the Internet Philippines Review and the latest news that like the old days used to be unbiased and full of juicy information that people can take in while at home.

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