Monday, January 28, 2008

Sending a Message in Scrap Book in Orkut

Did you know that sending a message in a person's scrap book in Orkut can be a very good form of link building and growing more friends to have contact with and get backlinks and you can even ask for a few favors from friends you meet and get to know via scrapbooking in Orkut?

Of course this will always be a two-way traffic as when you usually ask for a favor, you also have to return it in any form you can make as an exchange for the favor that you asked for from your Orkut friends.

This I believe goes with the saying that gaining friends means exactly the same with gaining a little advantage over the others. This little advantages when they all get accumulated becomes a big one. You must know by now that networking with people is one of the most powerful strategies over you competition. Furthermore, in SEO, friends count the most.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Health Concerns and Programs that Really Helps

Body mind spirit - Why body mind spirit? This is simply because I believe that this is the 3 most important factors that make up our humanity. I remember when I used to seek for Yoga in the early days that I am in to improving my heath way back last 2005 and I failed on this because time did not permit me to get in touch with some of the Yoga practitioners at CCP complex here in the Philippines. Now, I found about this interesting website that deals with body mind spirit thing and it took my attention at once.

The website is actually all about self improvement which tackles health related tips, articles and some good and relevant information that will help us keep up with the growing and aging cells that we have in our body. They have special information about sickness cures and relevant information that helped me understand all about how sickness can beget our body. There were also a lot of personal development programs that really helped another friend of mine who is ailing from arthritis with the help of a few herbal medicines, proper food and a really great health program they have there.

If you are someone who is interested in improving your health and total appearance and outlook in the world that we live in, visit the Diet Mind Spirit website at

Manual Directory Submission Service Package

I recently launched a manual directory submission service two weeks ago and it was really very exciting since I now have 2 more people with me doing the service with the help of our list of 2,000 free directories that I have just updated late last year.

Now we are going through so many requests from other countries such as Germany, U.S., Canada, Portugal and more coming from other countries this coming February as they are still under the process of negotiation.

I launched the Manual Directory Submission special package #1 which was submission to 500 free directories/site for $25 USD plus 1 BLOG REVIEW from a PR 2 or PR 3 blogspot blog that I have been managing and taking care of since 2006. It's been very effective for me since I received a lot of orders from colleagues.

For those of you who are looking for this specific service, take it from us at Dsub 800 - The Manual Directory Submission Service Professionals. We will soon be announcing more packages to make the service more enticing to our clients and possibly increase the job orders further to our target this year.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Computer Based Trainings for Online and Offline Business Professionals

Although online business is growing everyday, we cannot put aside the fact that we are now living in a world where almost all actions are motivated by computers and knowledge related to it. It is also said that 2008 onwards will see computers monopolizing every aspect of both business and life of ordinary people. This vision therefore leads to only one need for us all to get involved in computer knowledge and computer-based trainings to improve skills in this specific field.

Today, there are various computer based trainings that you can now enjoy taking like short courses on excel training, the business related leadership skills training for business managers and professionals and the PMP training or project management training via simulation or oral examination.

All these types of computer based trainings that are purely designed to help you become able and knowledgeable with business necessities can now be availed through online trainings at ComputerBasedTraining.Net. For particulars, just visit their website or contact them in the above link.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Daranak Falls - Serene Once More

An Overwhelming Peace at Daranak Falls

When I traveled back to Batlag Falls and ended up looking at Daranak Falls I was really overwhelmed once more by the scene that I saw compared to last year's Holy Week visit of the family. It was not as clogged with people and litters of waste materials left by undisciplined people int he falls vicinity at Daranak Falls. This time, it's clean and serene once more like what the picture says, it really says it all that day when I got back at Daranak Falls.

The Promising Serenity of the Water that Falls in Daranak

Once again, the water is very promising that it seems the very few people who are staying for the the night seems to rally love to stay. The place is quiet and very naturally natural. The water that falls from the mouth of the Daranak this time is inviting and I felt so unlucky as I did not bring anything with me that day for i did not prepare at all for the visit. It only came so sudden that all I can do was to think of the plan of establishing a business within the falls vicinity park.

Dining at Daranak Falls

Nevertheless, I still felt so very lucky to have dined ( actually lunched) at the falls tables up near the Batlag Falls. I had with me my usual packed lunch intended for a days work at the amusement but that day I was lucky to have it eaten in the falls park. It was really very relaxing and nice to be there once again with less the panic and traffic of the people waiting for their turn to take a deep dive near the mouth of the falls.

The Half Way Through Pavilion

The pavilion upstairs is really great as it looks halfway finished now unlike last April of Holyweek when we visited. It must be ready for occupancy this coming summer and this I think will give a lot more revenue for the Tanay, Rizal government. I just wish this waters at Daranak Falls and Batlag will be there for my great grand children to enjoy and cherish as this is a great heritage for all people in the Philippines and all over the world who loves water falls hunting.

Great Deals and Products at SaveBuckets

Everyday, millions and millions of people are browsing over the internet trying to find the right deals for the different products of their concern. Some prefer electronic gadgets, entertainment system, PC accessories, game console and more. The first thing that we all have in mind is to look for the right price that we think is reasonable if not cheap. The question is where do we find such offers? If most that you can find would deal specifically in one product, keep in mind that there are also a few who would delve into the products selling industry who are willing to give you great deals on what you are looking for. is one great package with a whole lots of deals in different products available.

The only total solution for the great buyer in you, SaveBuckets offers selling different products such as mentioned above. They have the guaranteed service of giving tips on how to choose and buy with an amazing service of letting you know about a certain product that you need based upon your budget and availability.

If you are a computer lover and an avid fan of the internet business, they have just what you think is right for you which are laptops and other computer hardwares. With their amazing deals and different variable products list , you can be sure that you will find just what you are looking for including the right price and the quality of the products with popular brands coupled with great deals. Save a whole load of money with SaveBuckets, visit their website now for particulars.

Traveling Back to Batlag Falls

Going Back to Batlag Falls for Business

Two weeks ago, I decided to travel back to Batlag Falls after a few months of not being able to go out and make something interesting for the business plan that I have in mind. The first place that came to my mind is to travel back to Batlag Falls to update the people that I have talked to about a business proposal that I have talked with my wife about last year. This business by the way is related to travel and nature and since my family including my daughter really loves to travel and both of them got hooked on my travel likes, they both agreed to have the business up early this year 2008.

Almost a Close to Nature Business Encounter

Well, the result of the travel to Batlag Falls was actually half success and half no result as the people that I am looking forward to talk to this January 2008 were not there anymore. Luckyme that I did not try to push through last year with the business proposal or else I might have lost temper upon seeing that the people I trusted were gone to nowhere.

Not Failing and Learning from Past Expoerience

At least that's another lesson to take in engaging in a business. However small or big a business is, you must have the time to personally manage it at whatever costs so that when all else fails, you can still smile because of the beauty in nature to which a planned business is out to take place in, at least for me and my family.

I found Real Estate Properties for Sale

My dream with which I shared with both my wife and daughter is that we will have the house by the falls and this is what I can see we will achieve this year. Coming back to Batlag Falls is a journey never to be neglected as I saw one of the best prospects that I have long waited to get which is a house by the falls. There were already numerous real estate properties for sale there and if by that time I had the money to buy it I would have done an impulse buy on one of the greatest I have seen. It was actually a rental villa near the vicinity of Batlag Falls and it was really great seeing it as it reminded me that we have plans and visions on having one this year. Take note: this year and not in the coming years.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Proper Caring for your Loved Ones

There comes a time in some people’s lives that they may require some help on how to properly take care of themselves or their love ones because of old age, certain sickness, or worse, a permanent disability. It may not seem to be a very complicated task but when you’re in the presence of such situation you’ll know how important it is to have the proper knowledge and a helping hand.

Some sickness like rheumatoid arthritis, dementia, hypothermia, Parkinson’s disease, pneumonia, and strokes are examples of sickness that needs proper attention and care. Even our foot needs proper foot care because some, especially older people are susceptible to ingrown toe nails, and fungal nail infections which causes unbearable pain and sometimes limits the sufferers ability to walk. Through
you’ll find the right nursing home and information on how to take care of yourself and your loved ones and the right choices on what to do next.
BetterCaring is a website committed for people who needs information on how to take care of themselves especially their love ones. At BetterCaring you’ll find the right options that will help you and your loved ones go through with your daily lives as well as a list of nursing homes that suits your special care requirements. You can also negotiate the right kind of care you deemed is necessary as well as daily information on proper caring and tips from care professionals.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Online Portuguese to English Translation Services

Translation services are one of the very important services that you can find in the web today. A client that I have is on to Portuguese to English translation professional services and their service is simply for businesses who are looking to expand on the Portuguese market.

Portuguese business marketing and expansion is really a big help especially for those business who are selling services and other related types of products. Online translation is really not much of an industry but for those business minded people who knows the potentials in market expansion, it is probably one of the first things to consider.

Many of the clients of this guy who owns the online translation business comes from the United States.Most of them have the same point of vies regarding business marketing and expanding in the other possible markets.

Experience Superior Cleaning Power with Dyson Vacuum

Powerful Technology Vacuum Cleaners

Dyson Vacuum Cleaners are the new technology vacuum cleaners that you can buy and are available in three convenience-based manufacturing styles. The upright vacuum cleaner, the cylinder vacuum cleaner range and the hand held vacuums. All of which are built to last and serve the purpose of cleaning and provide ease in work and use.

Making Parts and Accessories Available

Considering that you you need to buy one for office, home, industrial or personal use, the first important thing is for you to know that all parts and accessories are made to be replaced as wear and tear is on the line. Dyson vacuums does not only make high end vacuum technology but also gives the buyers and users the option to replace parts in a 24/7 basis by having them available with their different types in the market. Parts and accessories are very important and leaves you nothing to worry about because you can buy them from suppliers.

The Upright Vacuums

The upright vacuum is intended for long hours of use usually in industries and offices and made so convenient for stand on cleaning jobs and long hours of use. It lets the user save time, effort and at the same time gives ease of use with adjustable handles to an angle desired for cleaning contours.

The Cylinder Vacuums

The most important feature of the cylinder vacuum is being lightweight. This enables the user to easily navigate through contours and places with the same powerful suction from the extended nozzle.

Hand Held Vacuum

All three types of Dyson Vacuums come with 2-year guarantee for each and the most interesting feature of this type of vacuum is that it is relatively small in size that makes them easy to move and this makes them very mobile and you can transfer and use just about anywhere it fits in to. Without loosing the suction power of this vacuum, you get extra advantages in bringing it over to places where no other vacuums can reach and clean. It is also easy to empty with the accumulated dust that makes the job easies in a simple way.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Gratitudes List in 2008

2007 has been very kind to us as a family. I was able to raise everything from dust on my daughters education compared to the worst in 2002. I achieved so many great deeds for the family and now it is time that I put myself on the table and give myself something that will make my day even more beautiful than ever.

The Next Realities in my Life

There will be next good things to happen this 2008 and I am not expecting it but much better, I can see it from here in front of my PC right now. Travels to nice places, a new house and lot to live happily with my family. Somewhere away from the troubles of the city. I can see that I am going to get that house by the falls and become healthier because I know that I will buy a new boxing gadget for myself like a hand glove bandage, heavy bag, punching bag, a very nice skipping rope, 10 pcs of tents for the start of the business of tent rentals and possible my own massage center by the many great and alluring nature tripping places. i have always loved nature and this is where my attention is focused right now. Getting myself a house by the falls. My wife and daughter know all about that and I will not fail on this one this year.

For now I guess I won't have to talk much about this all but for a short period of 1 year, I will do all these good deeds and be able to get it all before the year ends. Will follow this up with what I am thankful of by listing all of it in another blog of mine, 2008 here I come.

Best U.K. Broadband Service

A broadband is a way of transmitting large amounts of information like data, voice, and video in which a wide band of frequencies is available to transmit these information. Because a wide band of frequencies is available, information can be multiplexed and sent on many different frequencies or channels within the band simultaneously, allowing more information to be transmitted and in the United Kingdom, BT total broadband offers the most complete and cheap broadband services through BT Total Broadband.

BT Broadband Packages

Option 1 - 18 month contract, £8.95 per month for the first six months, £17.99 thereafter
- 12 month contract, £12.99 per month for the first three months, £17.99 thereafter
  • Standard wired router that allows consumers to surf the web at high speed
  • 5GB download allowance which is sufficient for downloading small amount of information in the internet
  • Up to 8Mb download speed with your own broadband speed test checker
  • BT Vision ready and comes with BT Vision V-box which is a digital TV recorder that allows you to pause, rewind and record live TV and access digital Freeview TV and radio channels and thousands of hours of on-demand TV
  • 24/7 helpline and free online support to all BT consumers
  • Basic security including email antivirus protection and parental controls to protect you and your family while using the internet
  • Cheap evening and weekend broadband calls to anywhere in the world using your normal phone or the BT Hub phone
  • 250 WiFi minutes per month
  • BT digital vault with 5GB storage capacity to store your digital photos, videos, and other important files
Option 2 - 18 month contract, £13.99 per month for the first 6 months, £22.99 thereafter
- 12 month contract, £17.99 per month for the first 3 months, £22.99 thereafter
· Wireless BT home hub
· 8 GB download allowance
· Norton Advanced Security
· 350 WiFi minutes per month
· All the other features in option 1
Option 3 – 18 month contract, £18.99 per month for the first 6 months, £24.99 thereafter
- 12 month contract, £22.99 per month for the first 3 months, £24.99 thereafter
  • Wireless BT Home Hub with BT Hub Phone
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Norton Advanced Security
  • Unlimited WiFi minutes per month
  • All the other features in option 1
Services offered by BT Broadband
1) Home IT Support – provides consumers with expert IT advice regarding their PCs, printers, iPods, cameras, and more over the phone or in the comfort of your own home.
2) Entertainment – enables the consumers to play Xbox or PS2 games with millions of other online gamers or get the best in podcasting.
3) Wi-Fi services – enables you to access Internet hot spots and be part of the world’s largest Wi-Fi Internet community.
4) Online Security – to help protect your computers against viruses, spyware, identity theft and hacking codes with the latest in online security.
5) E-Mail and IM - enables you the consumers to make phone calls to other broadband users and get multiple e-mail addresses and huge storage
6) BT Home Monitoring – is a total home protection system that alerts you of possible emergencies wherever you are.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The New Look of My Blogs This 2008

I don't know how you may find this new look of my blog and practically, I don't care because all I know is I found a great source in the maker of the template. This is truly what I have always seen my blog looking like, a three-column template with the widgets in the sides separated by the floating middle post section where you can find my purely SEO crafted contents.

I never thought this is possible and I couldn't even believe that it is true that whatever you think you can find just put your mind in it and it will come to you. I have always seen some of my blogs even if they were just blogspots or free blogs, looking like paid domain blog but this time I really enjoyed taking a look and making a few modifications.

At first I decide to go for Andreas 04 blogger template which I caught a glance at Marhgil Macuha's blog late last year but then I decided to wait a while for the right template to come out and now here it is and I cannot really describe the feeling that I am in right now when I tried to upload it from the the zipped file. First it was my SEO Outsourcing Philippines blog and then my Directory Submission blog and then followed my Paradise Philippines blog and finally, the new look also for my Business Process Outsourcing blog. this is really getting to be so very interesting with only a few needed modifications that I do not know yet how to tweak and troubleshoot.

I hope I can find the antidote to this problem so to make my blog look better without any problems. Thanks for the template Blog and Web, you really deserve to be linked to and so this one is for you.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Google Update? or Penalty

I have been bragging all over some of my blogs that the new Google PR update, the very first this year is actually not an update but instead, a new burst of penalty continued from the last update that happened. Google seems looking forward to let webmasters and bloggers know that blogs are very important in the web and this cannot go without giving a little more emphasis and that this cannot pass on without Google doing things to let webmasters know about it.

I guess Google's way of letting us know about this (although we already know about it all along) is to put penalties and impose them to bloggers who are breaking the simple and basic rule of linking which is " no paid links".