Thursday, October 18, 2007

Latent Semantic Indexing with Paradise Philippines Keyword

The Paradise Philippines Keyword and LSI

I have been in to studying the effects of latent semantic indexing behaviors of Google lately for use in the experiment about the latest SEO contest launched by SEO Philippines dubbed as the Bayanihan SEO Contest with the target keywords as Paradise Philippines.

Seeking Results For Paradise Philippines

When I tried searching for other words related to paradise Philippines, there is a big difference now with respect to the results that come out from the SERPS including those other keywords that I am interested in taking a brief experiment about. If my theories are right, then this could be a start of yet another breakthrough in the SEO field here in the Philippines particularly for me. I have done some twists in my blog related to paradise Philippines keyword and my success is indeed overwhelmingly gave positive results.
Intelligent Research and Keyword Twists

A combination of both intelligent research and blogging with a constant keyword twists gave me the advantage of being in the first 3 pages related to the keyword paradise Philippines. Now, even if there is stiff competition going on with the said keyword, I still managed to be on the top 3 pages this morning and it all can be attributed to a short experiment about latent semantic indexing or the odd use of Google of keyword indexing technologies to be able to come up with an accurate indexing result that the SEO arena and the public viewers will both accept as accurate and without any doubts. Of course this is in base to their owb point of view and technology when it comes to indexing results for a certain keyword.
The Paradise Philippines Conclusion Soon

There must be a slight difference between the results somewhere along the way when you use a keyword to let the search engines see that it is actually the same meaning as the original keyword target. Another thing is that there is also a slight difference between ordinary keyword competition and in a contest such as the paradise Philippines SEO keyword ranking contest here in the Philippines. Just stay tuned for some more of this related post as I continue to be on the top spot which will prove that my theories are right about latent semantic indexing or the indexing technologies being used by the biggest search engine in the land and arena of SEO which is Google.

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