Friday, October 12, 2007

Malacanang and the Arroyo Bribery on Impeachment Complaint Issue

Just the other day in paradise Philippines, a meeting at the Malacanang happened between the congressmen and the Philippine President. Rumor has it that it was part of a courtship by the Arroyo administration to push the already existing and weak impeachment complaint allegedly for the out of the President.

This impeachment complaint is a weak one and if this will push through, chances are it will save the president of the paradise Philippines from getting ousted by one. As if this weak impeachment complaint will push through, it will have no substance at all to hold the president liable for her case against the Philippines, its government and the Filipino people.

The truth is that if such a weak impeachment complaint which they see will only be trashed in the waste can, will proceed and push through, the president will become immune to other impeachment complaints thereafter until the year ends and this will ensure the president that she can stay in her seat for the year which is by far better than loosing it early this year.

This means that the impeachment complaint if it is a genuine impeachment complaint will be strong and the president is doing an all out campaign to push a fake and weak one to win the battle against the people and the opposition.

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