Monday, November 27, 2006

Ituloy AngSulong in Terms of SEO and Link Building

Manila, Philippines: After the launching of the Ituloy AngSulong SEO keyword ranking contest, the Philippine SEO will never be the same again. Many Filipino webmasters have resorted to improving their link building techniques and professionalizing the ways and means of getting relevant links for their websites whom they prompted to enlist in the Ituloy AngSulong SEO contest. For this purpose, they are hoping to win the contest and build prestige beside their names as a trophy in SEO.

Posting Relevant Information:

So many great ideas and tactics with respect to the link building process as the contest goes along had promising effects to webmasters all over the search engine world and world wide web, not just here in the Philippine SEO local scene. One good tactic i have learned from the contest participants is link building by using the most relevant information distribution as linkbait. This is achieved through posting the latest search results and data about the contest keyword, "Ituloy AngSulong" from the big three search engines Yahoo, MSN and Google and regularly updating it in a daily basis to the least. Like the search engines, human webmasters are always on the lookout for any relevant and useful informations in the web with respect to their interests and likings, therefore if they find them relevant and important for their use, it becomes a source for them leading to accumulation of links and popularity for the other party. Specifically, let me mention the site itself ( for purposes of reference to future readers of this blog. The site's author was able to archive and pool out data of sites ranking up to a 238 range as of today 11- 27 - 06. The basis of the rankings i believe is by computing the accumulated rankings total from the search results in the big three search engines and adding them up to get the total score (rank) which will then serve as the actual rank of the participating site. Presto! in any contest, a source to look at in any time to be available is a good help and there goes the link and the popularity thing in relation to SEO and marketing.

News as Reference:

Another relevant tactic i find so effective at this point of the Ituloy AngSulong SEO keyword ranking contest is using a site that provides news and relevant and latest happenings in the Philippine SEO community and the Ituloy AngSulong keyword ranking contest in particular. Proof that to this day, news posting is still one of the most effective marketing advertisements and strategy that any link builder has to be knowledgeable in to be able to make it big in the link building industry and in SEO in particular. This tactic also posts as a good and in fact one of the best ways of linkbait effectiveness.

Keyword Stuffing Technique:

But the most interesting of all the observations that i have seen through my regular and intermittent visits with the different Ituloy AngSulong SEO contest participants is the odd but effective way of the old times..."same old black hat keyword stuffing technique". This technique is not actually a black hat's way but tracing from the older ways of how the search engines see the different pages in the web, i guess this tactic is still one of the most effective. It was used before as one of the primary ways to get search engine rankings in the search engine results pages of your target keyword. These days, it was believed to be a long lost myth as the search engine bots,crawlers and spiders of the different search engines have been devised to be sensitive to spamming and on ways to control this attitude by the early webmasters therefore deeming this technique as obsolete and would more likely take you and your site/s that uses it to get banned, disregarded and blacklisted by search engines. It seems that there is no proof to this theory about how the search engine bots, crawlers and spiders behave but it could be accounted for the importance of a site's page that these bots..etc. reads these keyword stuffing schemes somehow as a relevant information for the search engines, therefore seeing it as a relevant website instead of a spam source if the keywords are in its proper places or the keyword density is at a considerable rate for the bots and crawlers.

As an actual experience, i have seen keyword stuffing as an effective way to get the rankings that you need but only in short time or period because sooner or later, the search engines and their batch of crawlers will see your site as spam source leading to blacklisting and drawback the indexing of your sites pages.

MSN Loves Blogs:

This is just my own observation with respect to the on going Ituloy AngSulong SEO keyword ranking contest. As i have observed these past few weeks of regularly visiting the ranking sites in the Ituloy Angsulong contest, i believe and would assume that MSN as a prestigious search engine really loves blogs and its organic chracteristics and is fast at indexing as an engine when it comes to blog sites.

On the other hand...

Google is Fond of Well Optimized Websites:

Yes, Google, unlike the other search engines is the more professional engine because i believe that all ranking websites in relation to the Ituloy AngSulong SEO keyword ranking contest is an engine characterized by professionalism and well rounded and SEOptimized pages with a balanced algo with respect to blogsites and their contents. Furthermore, a sites age factor is very necessary not just for the other two engines (Yahoo and MSN) but would mean a significant algorhytm plus factor with Google making it easier for their Googlebot to se the importance and relevance of any website the more.

And on the other hand...

Yahoo Is The Fastest Link Indexing Engine:

Based on my personal experience, it is absolutely true that Yahoo indeed is the fastest among the big three search engines to find relevant links of all sorts because the engine itself in terms of indexing links has the most numbers therefore making it the fastest to crawl up the link building efforts of every webmaster in the SEO industry. I have said this because not just based in the statistics of the contest itself but also on the websites that i handle as a link builder i have seen the great power of Yahoo in terms of indexing link building efforts, be it from forums, press releases, news releases, blog commenting, deep links indexing, directory submissions, feeds submissions and different link building tactics.

Friday, November 10, 2006

The Microscopes Gallery of Links

I have built an enormous amount of backlinks in this business site that i have been promoting lately which is primarily in to the microscopes business for a long time. The links below are just some of the derivatives of and product of our link-building jobs for the microscopes company.

Established as a microscopes dealing cooperative based in the U.S., is a combination of a business and an organization at the same time that helps the scientific community by providing cheap prices of different microscopy equipments and gadgets from just the ordinary student microscopes to the most sensitive industrial microscopy equipments like the electron microscopes.

I have been the link-building outsourcing team leader for the cooperative for just about three months now and i can estimate that the job i have done for their busines is at a certain point where we have already built enormous amounts of backlinks just by directory submissions able to achieve high rankings in the SERP's of Google, Yahoo and MSN or the big 3 search engines.

By searching for the keyword microscopes alone in any of the search engines we were before nowhere to be found in their SERP's but to this date, we have been able to achieve better visibility in competing for the microscope keyword alone. Hardwork of the team has contributed to this point of our link building efforts and hopefully, by the end of the year, we are targetting to be on the top page as the #1 result in every surfer's search for the keywod microscopes where we are competing with about 1, 155,125 in MSN, 9,670,000 in Google and 3,870,000 in Yahoo.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ituloy AngSulong and Using Firefox Plug-ins

I am involved right now with directory submissions and other marketing jobs and i find doing it to be helping me a lot in terms of the incrase in knowledge and ROI. Manging the promotions of a business website has never been the best feeling that i had since i got involved in the Search Engine Marketing and SEO gigs. I would just like to suggest to the readers of this post that there is good firefox plug- in that you can use for submitting your website to directories if ti comes with youas plan. This Firefox plug-in is free and downloadable, just try and find or search for the Firefox plug-in options in the Firefox browser and look for the Informenter plug-in.

Just recently, a prestigious contest was launched and announced at The Fort - Jill's resto bar about the Ituloy AngSulong keyword promotion ranking and SEO contest. In this contest, the SEO's involved will have to do more that just the fanatical and traditional SEO tactics. Everybody else has to use some other ways to win the "triple jackpot" prize. The game is actually about being good in your ways and means regardless if you would make use of the Philippine SEO standards or be on it's way below the foot and ground status. The only point in this Ituloy AngSulong contest is - "WINNING!"

If winning is everything, then as far as my opinion is concern, i wouldn't want to join the Ituloy AngSulong contest. In the first place if it would do no good for me in becoming the best SEO and marketing professional with the use of cheap tactics,i'd gladly decline joining. I know that many will criticize this post of mine about the subject matter but my only purpose is to make SEO's in the Philippines realize that being great does not necessarily mean using or going for below the ground tactics just to satisfy our ego-centric desires of winning. After all winning the Ituloy AngSulong is not everything if you won't learn anything from it. No, no, no, said old joe. because if i were to join the Ituloy Angsulong contest, then i will make sure that i will win using and sorting out for a prestigious technique of my own instead of just using those degrading and below the belt tactics like spamming, hidden links and cloaking. It would be very obvious to use in this contest.
Remember that in this Ituloy AngSulong contest, you have to be a little bit sensitive because you as a participant will carry the big workload and responsibility to give your all without sacrificing the whole pizza where many others are hoping to get their income out of. Just don't take other decent SEO's for granted in order to win the Ituloy AngSulong contest please...

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Google Paycheck Notice

The Google paycheck notice comes right after you get the $ 100 load limit in your AdSense account and it will come next month after which you have reached the said amount.

The Google paycheck notice includes numbered codes that you will use to claim the earnings yo have and you will enter these codes in your Google AdSense account.

Bamboo Blinds

Have you seen Bamboo blinds lately? you should try looking for one and see for yourself what it can do to your home and find out what it has to offer for your lifestyle and living standards.

A bamboo blind is basically the same as with those conventional blinds available in the biggest markets today but the only difference to it with others of its own category is that it sort of provides your homes with that ambiance that somehow your are close and at peace with nature.

Imagine having a cute and refreshing-looking bamboo blind for you and your visitors to adore at each time you try looking at your windows. Great feeling it provides for the soul because it somehow makes one feel at ease and serene to have one for your home. Why? simply because by just looking at it you can have that awesome feeling of being in attachment and close relation with nature itself without having to go out and look for one.

Bamboo blinds are really ideal for a townhouse and even just about any home where people usually gets to rest in their weekends and from the many stresses of workloads from job and traffic in the city. Some big hotels have also found their way to incorporate bamboo blinds in their interiors and designs for special function rooms and places.

Try to have one for size and find out what it offers for your eye's comfort and relaxed state whenever looking at a bamboo blind in the window.

Blogs and Getting Paid to Do What You Love

Have you tried getting on in the SEO/SEM field and having a blog site to earn for your pocket daily and have enjoyments at the same time? You should try it for size specially for those who have an eye for writing about anything under the sun which you enjoy and love to discuss. All the while, i didn't really know that there were things on the online world i could really get hooked on lately because i have been busy about promoting myself character on the current job that i do which is as an amusement technician.

It was just this month of May that i discovered that i can do whati love and at the same time enjoy the benifits that it has put up on my financial status at the same tiem. What i'm talking about is blogging and hjaving a blog site that you can virtually wirte into without hesitation and second thoughts. I really love writing and i hope it's just about time and not yet too late for me to develop this sort of new forte and income generating field that i got myself into lately with the help iof my brother.

It all started just as some sort of SEO way of promoting our sites which is through a blog and writing in it. At first it was some sort of wondering wheteher i can make it in this new field i got in but later on discovered that i do have the talent and the potential to make it beg in this industry and hopefully earn a significant amount of income through doing what i like the most-writing and blogging.

In the three months that i have been in the field, i never fail to discover certain things and many sorts of interesting facts about the SEO and SEM community and enjoying the trully delicious and juicy learnings that it has addd up to my personal character and as an individual as a whole.

There are various ways to obtain yourself a "FREE" blog site of your own where you can write most about anything you like at all under the sun. There isBlogger, Wordpress, Technoratti, Bloggernity anf others that you can go and research on in the web if you have a regular interenet connection at home.

Imagine doing away with time consumption right in the convenience of your owhn house and all the while doing it with all of your heart because it is what you relly love and like. Go ahead and sign up for an account in the links that i provided in this post and enjoy the benifits that increase botyh our financial, moral and personnal preferences.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Dynamic Keyword Insertion Tool

In case you don't know yet, the Google Dynamic Keyword Insertion Tool is one of the most handy easy to use tool in doing SEO for your own ads in campaigns like the pay per clicks. Most managers do employ using this tool with ease because they have found that it could be used in many ways to increase the chances of your ad getting clicked by visitors who browse for relative informations about such keyword or keyphrases.

In your web copywriting, be sure to use the said tool and see the great benefits that it could offer for your revenue-generating ads site and campaigns. AdWords are technically for the purpose of earning income through driving an enormous amount of traffic to your site and this means that you ought to employ techniques which might either be as complicated or as simple depending on your campaign's need. If your site has the traffic that it needs but as uninteresting as the other sites that people and visitors visit, then chances are that your site will be left of than those that uses techniques to convert visitors into customers and virtually earning a significant figure for you to enjoy.

In order to get the clicks that your pay per click ad needs, you must first be seen as something of a different other than those regular sites that visitors see along the sides. In achieving this particular uniqueness, your campaign ad must therefore be different than those conventionally seen ones. One way of achieving this is through the use of the dynamic keyword insertion tool.

Surveys had it that visitors and surfers have that F-formation attitude of looking at a web page. Meaning, they scan any web or page they visit in a way that at first, they do it vertically down the left side and next is vertically down the right side. You know for a fact that your ads are virtually located in either side, so chances are, all you have to do is to use a technique where you can be sure that your ad gets to be more likely clicked due to its uniqueness which makes the visitors catch their attention.

One way of achieving or getting the needed attention to drive to your ads, you can use "bold letters" which practically invite visitors better than those conventionally typed ads. You can prove this true by looking at examples that have the same headlines and providing one that is typed in a way using bold letters. Try surfing for some sites and look for the ads that appear in the sides and try comparing them, this will help you a lot in determining the effectiveness of your ads and maybe you could use the same technique in doing your own campaign. this is of course one of the simple practical ways you could follow in your campaign.

Another way to achieve more clicks in your ads is by using "descriptive words" along with your keyphrase. This way, you can be able to make it more attractive to the eye of visitors. Some sample descriptive words related to a campaign ad are "free", "discount", "cheap", "review" etc. Another way is to "make a headline that features the interest of the visitor". It would be so awkward and corny to use headlines that doesn't pertain to or describe the kind of product or service that your ads are trying to sell so therefore you ought to provide a relation to it. Another way is to provide yourself with another ad campaign and be able to test which could be more effective and could provide you a margin on your earnings. If one of the ad campaign is more effective by way of being able to get more clicks, then by all means, let go of the other. Of course let alone some time frame for your two ads campaign first, like, say some two weeks time or so depending on your budget.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

(WWW) Who Will Win? The PHP 130,000 Philippine SEO Contest

June 2nd, 2006
This is about the most talked about contest in the SEO community right now. Offering up to PHP 130,000 in prizes all in all fo the webmasters in SEO field helping promote Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in the country.

Just click the link ( for the details of the contest.

I bet this is one of the days everybody in the SEO community in the Philippines will be watching over in the coming days. For one thing, those who will make it i’m pretty sure is not just after the money but prestige and integrity with respect to the job they do. I greatly suport this move and the people behind the initiative to make up for the growing industry of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in the country.

”I wish everybody well on this and may the best of the best arise truly from this prestigious contest…….”