Saturday, September 20, 2008

"promotional items corporate gifts srednarb" SEO Contest

Finally, the long debate on the keyphrase to the SEO contest has ended and the decision came today early this morning. The organizer came up with the keyphrase to be promotional items corporate gifts srednarb" I would love to join here but the time does not permit me from getting in as I don't have time to exert for the link building if I am to get in.

I just decided to make a few posts to help whoever needs it later on when this post gets indexed in the search engines today with the contest keyword which is "promotional items corporate gifts srednarb". I just want to wish good luck to all the participants and a friend who I will probably be helping in the contest.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Finding the Beauty of Capiz

Capiz is an island of prestige and beauty as well as the people who live in it. No doubt that if you see the captivating Capiz treasures you would surely decide to stay longer than you would want because it really is an enchantment to be in the place and to enjoy what it has to offer for a complete relaxation from work stress. The water, the beaches, the sand, the seafood for which Capiz is known for and the Capiz shell that lined the coasts of the Island.

Indeed if you are visitng the island that you will surely find it very captivating and also enchanting for a thousand more reasons. This is something the really works well with visitors from the local scene and from a foreign land. With the pride of Capiz on hand surely you would not want to be anywhere else and mingling with the beautiful people, you would surely not be wasting time but instead gaining a lot more than just a unique experience.

More than just that, Capiz is an island in the Philippines that is blessed to harbor a diverse specie of marine treasure and this made them known as the seafood capital of the Philippines.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

SEO Programs in Cebu

I don't know nor am I sure that there will be SEO programs in Cebu soon and that is what I am looking for for such a long time. I am willing to spend a little time and have a vacation and a educational tour of some sort just to get to the province and take some SEO programs in Cebu. Looking forward for this one so I can mix pleasure and education once more and it will be a little practical togo for a one time expenses paid to go there in Cebu.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Cebu SEO in the Cebu SEO Contest

This is the time of the Cebu SEO to do more on the Cebu SEO contest. This hope to push an entry for the said SEO contest. I just want to know if something else will happen for an entry as part of the SEO experiment.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Stiff Cebu SEO Contest Competition

The results on the Cebu SEO contest in Google doesn't seem to want to move at all which means that all SEO contest contestants are doing good and doing all out promotion and link building to their entries. This is an SEO contest that was supposed to be filled with fun but now it has turned solely into a stressful moment for all SEOs on top 10 spot. I am glad that the reasons why I am having little less sleep is because of work and trying to learn a lot more about SEO and not with the contest.

I had no one to do it for me so what I do is to take it slow and sure to the top. All participants must be wondering why I got there so fast just like how I did it the first time I had a blog post about the contest. The reason is that I know little things that can make or break an entry in the said Cebu SEO contest, I just want to enjoy and learn, not to stress myself out with the contest. Of course I am also doing it quite regular to make sure that there is something for the search engines to see fresh all the time. Posting sometimes worthless posts so just to let the search engines know that I am updating my blog every now and then.

Web Design, Development, SEO and SEM Services in Egypt

SEO Services Egypt - My research recently led me to a study in Egyptian market with respect to web design services in Egypt, SEO and SEM and this is what I found about. Egypt is literally a very young market for (SEO) search engine optimization and (SEM) search engine marketing and there are a lot of possibilities to tap into their market. Right now, what I am taking as a path is to get involved see what sort of businesses have been established there in Egypt as well as the nature of the said market in SEO and SEM. A friend who is a pioneer in the web development in Egypt has been working on several clients already and he is there to serve his local business regarding SEO services and other web development jobs.

Taking this situation, I came across and found so much potential with respect to other related web development services in Egypt and right now I am helping a friend to harness all the possibilities of taking in big and small clients that need SEO and SEM services there. Some companies already found us and we want to serve them the perfect combination of SEO and SEM services in Egypt because we want to be known as the prime provider of such services for the businesses in the whole of Egypt.

A few clients will do for now because the nature of the people owning business there are very much different from what we used to think about the market. Businesses would prefer to take advantage of the cheapest service as well as take in more than what they want from SEO and possibly top their niche as early as possible to compete in the online market and also with their competing business nature. The next few posts here in my blog will probably be a move to further promote the SEO industry and market in Egyt as well as the SEM possibilities and be able to tap in to business needs.