Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Getting Banned from MyBlogLog

Getting banned from MyBlogLog is quite easy these days as this is the case of the .com mogul Jeremy Shoemacher a.k.a. shoemoney, a problogger turned big time affiliate marketer who used to boast heads high of his new Hummer.

Read more of the interesting story on how Shoemoney got banned from MyBlogLog at the Pinoy Tech Blog of YugaTech.

Mark Jimenez - Businessman Philanthropist

Yes! Mark Jimenez is that person who is far from what the news is saying about him. Mark Jimenez is a Businessman Philanthropist in his own world and this is the reason why he has been on the move to give back what he has earned by being a computer tycoon back in the North American region.

Mark Jimenez has been earning himself quite a significant income from being one of the top suppliers of computer peripherals in North America before even he got into politics in the former president Joseph Estrada term. This is where he gets his financial strength and this is where hid personal help line, the Hulog ng Langit Foundation has been getting its financial support from and possibly from other people who believe in his capabilities of helping the poor like launching the biggest mass baptism in the Philippines and getting all the finances from his own pocket.

Mark Jimenez indeed is not just the Mario Crespo that people came to know him from the news, he is also a helping hand extended for the masses and this has helped him gain back the old days in his old hometown where as a child he manges to sneak some food and give it to poorer friends who are hungry. Read more of Mark Jimenez in hid official Mark Jimenez Website.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Jun Lozada Revelation Shocked the World, The Malacanang and the Filipinos

Is Jun Lozada the new hero of this youth generation or is he just another victim of the rooted corruption in the ZTE broadband scam/NBN scam? This is about the revelation that shook the world, the Filipinos and the Malacanang Palace.

Jun Lozada is a nobody in the ZTE broadband deal/NBN deal scam but when his name floated in the controversies, midway the NBN deal scam, he already doubted that his name will soon surface. His total revelation shocked the world, the Malacanang Palace and more so, the FIlipinos all over the world. His revelation did something that made everybody blurt out with anger especially the youth with whom the Philippines is taking a step in hopes to resurrect the country with a neverending debt from the different countries like U.S. and China.

A story that told the people just the other day from "The Correspondents"made a clear point as to why and how China became interested and actually put a great deal of effort to place a multi- million dollar investment for the so called NBN deal/ZTE deal which later on turned the country into a checkpoint of questions and wandering press people dying to know all about the deal and why choose the Philippines.

Going back to the release the other day on "The Correspondents" it was according to some points raised that the issue is not actually NBN or ZTE or the Philippine Government but instead, it's the Spratly Island claim of China. Leaving the issue to people to think of, I guess there really is something going on in the under the table discussions from the start of the deal but the people behind it are willing to take all the risks, even their life and prestige as a servant of the government and the people. Benjamin Ablaos is one of them. Some would effect that the former chairman of COMELEC indeed had a kickback to protect involving the ZTE deal.

This is now a circus of the best clowns in the government and we, the Filipino people are not going to stand and watch you all steal from us. This highway robbery has been going on for decades now and this will not pass. The students and the professionals know now what it is like to be torn apart without knowing why and how and this is the time. The time to be strong and be together in a crisis brought about by the ZTE scam/NBN scam. We will pray and seek what must be done because it is we, the people who truly have what it takes to cure this government and this crisis that some greed officials have wrought to us effectively since.

Resorts in the Philippines - Dumaguete

There are a couple of great and astoundingly beautiful resorts in the Philippines and one of the most popular destinations that you can indulge in any travel here in the Philippines is in Dumaguete.

Dumaguete has some of the most beautiful resorts in the Philippines and this is where the place is very popular with to name other amazing destinations. You can try just in case that you are to travel to Dumaguete to stay in one of the most prestigious stay-in places like apartments for rent in the Philipines, specifically in Duamguete.

For your needs in information on Dumaguete Resorts, aparatments for rent in the Philippines, resorts in the Philippines or resorts in Negros Oriental, come to DumagueteSprings.Com.

Jake Cuenca Profile and Photos

Jake Cuenca is one of todays most popular showbiz hunk, second probably to Piolo Pascual and a friend of mine I've know thru my sister asked if I can make a review of his new blog on blogspot that take a leap at discussing about Jake Cuenca and so this one's for you my friend Jow.

Jake Cuenca's true name according to the jcuencafansite is Juan Carlos Cuenca. gew up in the U.S. he always dreamed of becoming a popular star and this can be his time. Find all the interesting poses and attires and undressed top hunk body of Jake Cuenca. Visit a friend's site all about Jake Cuenca.

Thanks for the Jake Cuenca photo that you sent me, Jow.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Finding the Finest Robes at Plush Robes

Five Star Quality Bathrobes

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Celebrity Favorite Robes

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The Terry Robes

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Hooded Robes

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Visiting Plaridel Quezon

This Holyweek, me and my officemates are looking forward to visit Quezon Province, particularly in Plaridel. I really do not know much of the place and this is the reason why I am trying to look for other nice places to go to in the internet but it seems that very few people leave for the great place.

There are only a few information that I know of about Plaridel Quezon but I am looking forward to come to the place this Holyweek to unwind and maybe drink a little but mostly, this will surely be another silent business venture as this is how I usually treat every travel that I give myself as a price for working hard in the internet and earning a little cash to spend for traveling to places in the Philippines.

Those of you who will find this post, please gladly comment and tell me about Paridel Queazon about the beautiful places to visit there. It will be a very big help for the group just in case. Thank you in advance.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Race to the Top of SEOContest2008

The race to the top of the keyword SEOContest2008 is going stronger as the search engines are starting to bloat the index with the keyword and soon this will become a circus of the best on top of the results. I am helping a friend of mine although he didn't totally ask of it, I volunteered myself with a few good deeds that I can help him with.

Garry Baybayan is now on the #2 spot with Google for the SEOContest2008 keyword and this is going to be even more hectic for him as the days pass. I'm pretty sure that he does not want to take any chances of loosing the high ranking that he still holds today. This 2 year old blog hopes to do him a little effect but I would like to assume that he will still have his gain from this short lead.

This SEOContest2008 by UKWW is a sure fire and it is by far the most prestigious global SEO and keyword ranking contest this year so I bet you all that everybody wants to take part on this one. Aside from the big prizes that await the SEOContest 2008 winner, loads of outsourced jobs also await the emerging champion.

Good luck to all the participants of the UKWW seocontest2008!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

What's a Perfect Cash Advance?

What's a perfect cash advance? We always equate cash with needs when we are still teen-agers and today, that option has changed. A perfect cash advance is that which we see will give us no headache. That which we can get quickly and use for short term payments like water bills, the nanny of our kids, electricity bills and other quick pays while we still don't have the payday of the month by 15 and 30th.

The perfect cash advance that I am talking about is the payday loan. Yes! Payday loan is the answer to your sudden need to pay short bills and your salary will not arrive until payday. Payday loans are great especially for people who are expecting cash on payday but would like to have instant cash in his/her checking or bank account.

There are only a few requirements that you can surely pass on because they are easy and no need to pass on any type of document by fax through payday advance loan service.

There are 4 basic facts and advantages that you need to know about payday loan and you can read them below as follows:
  • Cash advance is fast deposited directly into your account the next business day
  • Quick & easy to accomplish as there is no faxing required in most cases
  • lenders can even let you qualify for up to a $ 1,500.00 loan
  • Safety & Security Guaranteed when matters of bank accounts are concerned
  • 100% online transaction is done which makes it easier to do

Payday Loan - A Personal Cash Advance

Payday Loan is actually a form of personal cash advance. It is also a quick cash that gives people the convenience that they need in times an immediate need for cash is on the line. When we talk of payday loans, we also talk of privacy along the process which very important to most people as we all don't want to talk of getting a loan in front of the camera for some reason.

If you are also short on cash and need a quick and easy to apply loan not from the neighbor or from immediate family members, then payday loan is the best answer to your problem. Payday loan is not only easy to apply and get but also does not require the applicant to fax in any type of document as a payday loan is also called as the faxless loan.

There are usually a few common and easy to accomplish steps in order to get a payday loan. There are no hard to produce requirements that make the payday loan easy to get through an online transaction that can be done in a safe venue in the internet.

The most common easy requirements to get a payday loan are as follows:

  • You must be employed for at least 3 months or have a regular source of income.
  • You must be receiving at least a $ 1000.00 income per month
  • You must also have a valid bank account

The rest is actually up to you to make such as the move to visit a payday loan application website such as, an amazing payday loan lending and personal cash advance website that caters on the type of service.

WP 2.3.3 is now Released and Out in the Wild

Hello to all the WP (wordpress) fanatics out there. I took the liberty to be late in announcing on this blog about the latest update and release of the new WP 2.3.3 because I have so many things to do aside from take care of about 47 other blogs today from blogger and wordpress.

BTW, the release includes a security update that cannot pass on if you have a wordpress blog. This can be a very important move in order to keep up with the technology improvement in terms of security and usability of the said platform.

For those of you who are still looking for the update or if you are being prompted by wordpress to go for the update, you can grab it here.... or if you like, you can go directly to their official home site at and go click the download tab.

Knowing Credit Card Offers and How to Use Them

Different Credit Cards and their offers are pretty hard to find these days as most of the credit card companies in the internet already have them all stated and updated in their own corporate websites. What you cannot find are those other important offers that are actually available but not included in the list as they are usually and generally not being attended to as a compilation. Another good find just in case is a list of tips that are very important for credit card users.
Today must be my lucky day because I found a website that deals with credit card offers which is just in time for my new credit card that has been issued last week but I didn't have the time to see and read the brochure that came with it. I'm excited to use it and so what I did first is to seek for the different credit card offers that I can find in the internet and this is where I discovered about YourCreditNetwork.Com. A website that discusses almost all banks and their respective credit card offers.

Imagine one website that discusses all about those credit card offers in one single click. What's more is that they also discuss a lot of information and tips on how to use your credit card wisely. That truly is amazing and I can only help myself upon finding out about them regarding my bank, my credit card and the different offers that I can take advantage of as a new user. Although I have only one plan to use my credit card which is online, nevertheless, they gave me the advantage to have a complete list for my other friends to tell to and share information with.

This is something very important and I cannot pass on this by sharing the pool of information that I found at If you have your own credit card, then I suggest that you go and visit them now to find out about those great credit card deals and offers and a few relevant tips on how to use it now.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

AdSense and Video Units

AdSense has now incorporated in their video units the availability of Ads in YouTube. This new interface allows AdSense publishers to put up AdSense ads in their video units from YouTube.

This new scheme by Google is another yet great feature that puts the biggest search on top above them all in the race to affiliate marketing and ads publishing industry. You can try and read more from the Adsense Blog about this new feature and interface to see if this will work for your publisher's account.

Take a look at the easy to follow steps in making money online with Google's video units now and start to earn money for your publisher's account or you can also see how you can be able to make your PPC campaing become the first to ramp up YouTube's video units Adsense Ads.

The Faxless and Convenient Payday Loan

Much has been said about Payday Loan and the most interesting of them all is that this cash advance scheme helped people who have been drifting down with credit reputation due to bad credit. This form of cash advance through payday loans also helps people get a second chance in repairing their bad credit status. If you are someone who is willing to get up from such situation, then payday loan is the type of cash advance that you need in order to recover from bad credit and get instant cash at the same time.

In relation to this factual statement, I would like to put up importance and emphasis to such amazing service by the faxless payday loans by PowerPaydayloan.Com. All they need to know about you are just three basic information and they are all that you need in order to qualify to get a payday loan.
  • Are presently employed and receive a regular income?
  • Do you earn $ 800 (fixed income) - $1000 (employed) per month? and
  • Do you have a bank account with direct deposit enabled?
Payday loan is basically easy to apply with and is even more convenient than falling in line just to sign up a fill up form prior to getting approved and become a candidate to get a loan. Furthermore, you can accomplish the application in just a matter of minutes with the comfort and privacy in doing it right in the convenience of your own home. Visit for particulars and more information now.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Famous SEOs Fight Fat Campaign

A fight Fat campaign was to be launched soon and this will feature some of the biggest names in the SEO community like Aaron Wall, Dazzlin Donna, Ben Cook, Jim Boykin and more.

The information was leaked according to the famous Blogging Experiment Blog and I only got this information from the same site by Ben Cook. He said in his blog that since the information was already leaked into the search engine world, he took the time to make the announcement, seeing that it would do no harm to preempt the issue.

This fight fat campaign is actually an initiative that is worth not just SEOs in the U.S. but also people all over the world but since the people behind the campaign is mostly (if not all) composed of SEOs, then the credit should by all means go to the people behind the initiation of the amazing campaign to fight getting fat.

Just thinking it over while I am writing this blog, it came to my mind that what if SEOs here in the Philippines will also launch the same campaign and help integrate it to the same campaign that the big guys in SEO are initiating? Maybe it would have been better if this was made to become a call for all SEOs in the world to unite and help produce funds in each country to help people lessen the ratio of fat people with the use of information dissemination and such. Just an opinion anyway.

Fast Cash Advance via Payday Loans

Need Ca$h Advance, Fast? Payday Loans are the best answers to your need. It is proven to be one of the fastest way to get cash or instant cash advance today. The process is pretty easy to finish plus you get to do the online transaction in a secure venue. The money in the form of cash advance, if your payday loans gets approved will be deposited in your checking account. If you prefer, you can have it in your savings account. There is no need to pass on any faxed document from credit report agencies anymore as payday loans are a no-fax loan.

You can also find the type of loan that you need as there are types that are available in the internet today. I heard that there are some referral cash advance categories that you might want to take a look into like the additional earnings payday loan, women's payday loan, maximum wages cash advance, silent cash payday loan cash advance and the last but not the least urgent cash relief payday loans cash advance. All these types of cash advance loans can be had by visiting

Find out how their professional Payday Loans service may be able to help you with your fast cash needs now. Visit them at TrustSource.Org whey you have these 3 easy to produce requirements below:
  • First, you have to be employed in a company for at least 3 months consecutively.
  • Second, you must be earning at least $1,000 per month and...
  • The last is that you have to have a valid checking account that is open for at least 3 months from the time of loan application.