Sunday, October 14, 2007

Mark Jimenez - The Man Behind Hulog ng Langit

Mark Jimenez - The strong man behind the Hulog ng Langit Foundation, Mark "MJ" Jimenez is the most controversial man in the paradise Philippines politics and in the Business community. Born in 1946 at the land of a few historical passion in Paco, Manila he grew up as boy who used to sneak some food from their house only to give them to his friends and neighbors who he sees needs them more than he does. This was the nature of his persona after all those years and still is up to this point in time as his young political career led him to be one of the most controversial personality in the former president Joseph Estrada administration.

Religious Part Of his Soul

As a young boy in the neighborhood, Mark "MJ" Jimenez served the people and the church as a local sacristan who does chores in the weekly occasion of the church which is the "misa". When he reached the age of 12, he decided to enter the Our Lady of Guadalupe seminary and served for quite some time only to realize he had to go and follow his will on other things in life. Going to the Ateno de Manila University, Mark Jimenez took a bachelor's degree which he wasn't able to finish as he decided to drop out of one of the most prestigious schools in paradise Philippines today. May be this led the start of him in his days as a matured person to go and continue his good deeds and an become an instrument of God through his Hulog ng Langit foundation, known for its many big ways of helping both the poor and the needy.

Becoming the Successful Businessman

After he dropped out of college he was in to many other businesses and decided to marry.
Then he decided to go for some big time business, related to computer parts in Latin American countries and stayed in the U.S. for some time. He was able to make the company an established venture in business and was actually at the top 300 fastest growing ones in the U.S. by 1990 with over $500 million a year of gross income and it never failed him as this was the nature of the man, strong-willed and able to do things as his heart desires. He became a well known as a businessman and as one of the best CEO in America to included in the who's who list in America thereafter.

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