Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Software Piracy in Paradise Philippines

Cyber Piracy in Paradise Philippines

Heard or seen the news about software piracy lately? It's all about pirates in paradise Philippines and these pirates are not the kind of pirates that you can find in the sea wondering and robbing the treasures of other galleons or big boats. These pirates in paradise Philippines are those that you can only find in the land and not stealing the treasures of galleons but those that are in the cyber technology and business - softwares and programs.

Video Audio and Software Piracy

From audio to video to softwares, these are the primary target of the best pirates that you can find here in paradise Philippines. It has been very pronounced today in the streets of Avenida and Recto where there were many small stands and business ventures that serve a big portion of the student population in paradise Philippines regarding needs on audio files, mostly those MP 4 format and MP 3 format audio files for use in their hand held MP3 and MP 4 gadgets. The audio files that can be downloaded in the said gadgets are allegedly stolen from original copy and sold and can be downloaded without permission from the publisher or artist or payment of royalties on reproducing these said audio files.

The (OMB) Optical Media Board Raid

One of the most pronounced and common stolen stuff are those softwares and the OMB or Optical Media Board has had its greatest moments hauling here and there those bulks of softwares in the form of cd's and the PCs that contain what they said to be stolen softwares and programs. The question here is where will the OMB put all those literally millions of stolen contents in cds and stolen softwares that are inside the PCs? I have seen in a video that they were just left out like rotting tomatoes in some bodega or store room. Another question is was the raid done by the (OMB) Optical Media Board equipped with the proper warrants and search permits? Were these raid in paradise Philippines a legal move? or just some way to overcome big criticisms from the public and clamor from the big companies abroad that truly own the softwares?

Ridding Paradise Philippines with Software Piracy

Well, this will only prove that the people of paradise Philippines are willing to give way to stiff and fair competition in terms of software and cyber technology as the drive to sweep the industry with such piracy is a good initiative but we, the paradise Philippines people are hoping that this will not be just another way to deceive and cover the mouth and eyes of critics but a sheer hones drive to rid the paradise Philippines country with all the cyber piracy gadgets and softwares.

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