Monday, October 15, 2007

Lomography in Paradise Philippines

Lomography - lomography is the art of photography that uses the latest in photo technology utilizing the use of a lomo camera. This lomo camera is first introduced in Russia as an art of taking a picture and being able to actually change or distort the picture colors and effects using the lomo camera. Lomography is also implementing the latest in photography by integrating a new feature in changing the colors without using the software of photoshop and do it right at the convenience of the place where yo took the picture. Also, with lomography, you can use the latest feature of the lomo camera which is the colored flash bulb.

Lomography is the latest hobby of many photographers today here in paradise Philippines and is fast becoming one of the best modifications in the photographic industry in the Philippines today. I have seen in the news that a fellow Filipino who is a Photography savvy and hobbyist had gone to the U.S> just to have her camera converted into some sort of the same featured lomo camera.

This by far is the latest innovation in the digital photography industry here in paradise Philippines and is fast becoming a trend in many other countries worldwide. This paradise Philippines blog wants to be part of the first people to have it discussed here at Paradise Philippines / Philippines Paradise blog.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think you have any idea what lomography is all about. First af all its not digital.