Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Your Own Picture in the Throw Pillow

Ever imagined seeing yourself in a throw pillow when you wake up in the morning? How about your baby seeing himself/herself in the pillow each time he/she sleeps and wakes up in bed. Wouldn't that be an amazing way to show love for a loved one? Go ahead and get that favorite and beautiful picture exactly as they appear in the picture right in your pillow or blanket with Photo Throw of visonbedding.com.

Throw pillows and throw blankets are probably one of the first special things that you see when you sleep and wake up in the morning. They make you smile with a new day ahead as you hug them in the morning and see the beauty in a new day. At night these same throws make your dream seem real and cuddle you with softness and care. What more could be better than having your own picture in the pillow or in the blanket, then.

Throws like blankets and pillows are also a nice gift for a loved one in special occasions like a birthday, anniversary, wedding and more. They can be a perfect surprise to give life to the occasion. With the custom process in which they were made, you can be sure that your pictures in the throw is as clear as the spring water that flows in the river. They are produced in a state of the art production technology so you can be sure that they will last a lifetime which does not alter the natural characteristics of the fabric to make sure that they will not fade.

For a personalized gift and high quality picture in your throw, visit vision bedding and find out what the digital technology and state of the art printing process of your pictures can give to the throw pillows and blankets that you have at home.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Alibata - Bayanihan SEO Contest Keyword

The Bayanihan SEO Contest early announced the new keywords that the participants will be using to optimize their pages based on. The contest keyword is alibata which is actually an old script used by our ancestors in deciphering and understanding things all around them.

Alibata keyword has already indexed about 800 pages the time of the announcement because there already exists some pages and sites that are optimizing for the keyword. Today. since the announcement of the contest keyword, there are already about 36,800 pages indexed by Google alone and this is because of the ongoing contest. Expect that there will be more additional pages soon as the contest has just started.

Some of the participants are still looking for domains to buy and some would prefer to just use free blog platforms such as blogspots. Blogspots proved to rank high in the Google index and this is probably one of the many reasons that Philippine SEOs prefer to use it in the contest.

Since the contest was seen to use different keywords after all, then the choice of not buying domains anymore was a prime choice as the battle for the top spot begins with the keyword alibata. Everything is going to change because of this announcement and this scheme in the contest which is to change the keyword everytime the checkpoint ends.

There were also many SEO who joined the contest who showed the interest to sell their good domains early before the end of the contest. My question is....could there be a little time for conspiracy? Could these guys who sold good domains in the middle of the contest be out to sell their domains because someone who knows what will happen already leaked an information prompting the others to sell their domains in the midst of the contest?

Authorities of the Bayanihan contest, please explain this to us....Don't let us loose trust in the SEO contest system here in the Philippines. Marc, please explain this honestly. You were gone for the contest checkpoint and then when you came back, there were no other choice for some but to sell their domains? Why? did they know what was going on? Did they get leaks from contest authorities? Just a few questions though for a thinking blogger in me. Maybe most have resorted to just wait and see for your announcements but I have seen a different scenario on this....

I hope I hurt no one in this opinion of mine, just can't keep things that are happening from getting into my mind so I had to decide to make this opinion available for people to take a look at and make their own conclusions to avoid mistrust in the coming contests.

Easy to Pay Payday Loans

The payday loans are basically a short term loan which you can pay because by nature, they are the type of loan that is of small amount. Payday loans are also a form of bad credit loan where there is no need for you to have a good credit in order to apply and get one.

There are actually no big deal requirements needed to produce and fax to the lending company for a person who wants to make a loan. This is also the reason why others refer to the payday loan as a no-fax loan and a bad credit loan as people who have bad credit has a chance to get a loan even when in bad credit status.

There are only 3 pre-qualification musts that the lending company will require the borrower and these 3 requirements are not the type that you have to fax like a document or paper form. The first one is that you have to be presently employed at least 3 months currently and consecutively. The second is that you must be earning at least $ 1000.00 /month and the third requirement is that you must have a validated checking account where every money matter transaction will go to from the loan amount to the staggered payment scheme with the use of the said checking account.

Based on these three requirements, you can be sure that in a matter of the same day at most, you can get the payday loan that you need for paying tomorrow's bills while waiting for the paycheck from work to arrive. This is extra convenience where and when you need it.

Friday, December 21, 2007

With Marhgil Macuha and # 13

I can't seem to move out of the number 13 slot for the keywords Marhgil Macuha which is the latest small SEO contest launched by the main man himself Marhgil Macuaha.

This must be really the lucky number for me as it has been so sticky since this years watching of the secret to success. A film bound to make my internet revenues a lot bigger by 2008.

Yes I am expecting to increase my revenues last year as i have seen early this year and more from this last month of the year. I also look forward to win the contest of Marhgil Macuha by January but (or is it January). Well whenever it is going to be. I am targeting to be on top with his keywords Marhgil Macuha.

Watch out for me Mr. Marhgil Macuha! I bet you, you are easier to beat with your own keywords unlike shoemoney.

Our Company Branch Christmas Party

Christmas party at the amusement has never been this great and happy for me since I was employed in the amusement. Even if my job strongly requires high end skills in electronics, I was able to integrate myself well with people who are a lot younger than my age. Some of them maybe half my age already and this gave me the advantage to be treated like an older brother who makes them all laugh everytime. This is actually very rare in an amusement technician but nevertheless, I was able to make them see what kind of a person I am both inside and out.

So here goes the best part...I never got the chance to give away cash for the crews of the amusement but even if this is the case, we all enjoyed so much with what it turned out to be unlike all the previous engagements that we shared during Christmas. We drank little liquor and were all happy because the games were really so much fun and I am happy to see all of my co-employees that happy as it turns me on being with a lively and happy crowd all the time.

Ma'm Esther Lim made it all possible with the help of our artist, sir Ben Sahidjuan. I was just behind all the excitement watching and getting a friend, Auie Oliveros take pictures of me with girls...(my favorite part). We all enjoyed the evening and got what we all wanted, a gift from the company which is by far the yearly and most exciting "free games". Yes! we have free games every year when we celebrate our Christmas party each year, For four years in the amusement, I never really regret any part of my experience which overall has taught me so many lessons both in life and in work. That is with people of all sorts of their own characteristics as a person and as a co-employee.

All of us were excited with the free games and so we all celebrated with joy and hope that the gifts will be just what we all expect them to be which is to be on the exact amount set by the management. So far, nobody broke the rules as from what I can see in the faces of those who received their gift. I received an underwear. Pretty much ok compared to last year's for me.

Looking for Hosted eCommerce Software

Merchants sell and get revenue out of their online store whatever they sell which may be a product or a service. Before any contracts on selling starts, any online store must first have their own ecommerce software in the form of the shopping cart software. The best service for such business to make it is to have it hosted in the same company that sells services and back end programs so that you may avoid inconvenience.

since trust is also a prime factor before a hosted shopping cart software service is hired or bought by the merchant, the prime concern should be to make a search and see who's on the first line when this kind of service is at stake.

Every shopping cart software have their own unique characteristics but the most important is to have it tried. This is where you can be able to see if it will serve the business that you have in a complete package. That is through the different expectations that should be met by the e- commerce software. They can be the credit card integration service, the manageability, the custom designs service availability and more.

If the shopping cart software is truly a complete package, then chances are, when you get their trial service, you will at once see what they have to offer in terms of increasing the possibilities that you will end up with bigger return on investment (ROI). After all, what a merchant should be looking for in a shopping cart software is how it will serve both his interest as a merchant and the customers that he will be getting in his online store.

Sorry for the Lost Links

Well, what can I say.....Hmmmm. I lost all the links that I have in my paradise Philippines website which is this one. It wasn't really intentional because Google forced me (not literally) to change my template making me loose every link love that I have for friends in both the business and SEO community.

I'M SORRY FOR THAT TO ALL OF YOU GUYS OUT THERE. Especially Garry Baybayan and Mito Pontillas. Sorry talaga mga bro. Wasn't able to save first all the link love for you guys and others.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to make more out of blogging and content writing this coming 2008 as I have seen so many possibilities more today than last year. Will be doing lots and lots of content writing jobs for people out there and if you are interested in my services, you can just drop me an e-mail. I promise to give your content/niche your own privacy. Your secrets will be yours alone as I have done some work for others too.

Reminder: this is not an ad but instead a call for those who are looking for content writing jobs who prefer to have their privacy rather than popularity and revealing their earning scheme. This is your chance. You can PM me at SEOPh Forum, my name there is "masterofthe".

Selling Online with the Best Shopping Cart Software

Shopping Cart Software is a Must

Most merchants would need shopping cart software before they can sell anything in the internet. E-commerce software such as shopping cart software should be that which will give the merchant all the possible advantages and at the same time it should also be user-friendly in the part of people who are looking to buy products or services online.

The Shopping Cart Software Service

Since this is the case, most merchants would want services that would allow them to make all the necessary changes and make their shopping cart a complete solution for online shoppers to be served with easy to use and easy to understand shopping cart service. Probably, one of the best in the online business is that which will give both the merchant the advantage to serve customers and for the online buyers to use it without hassle.

Important Services

Shopping cart software is that which has the ability to serve you as the merchant in a complete solution. Complete solution would necessarily mean that it has to have all basic needs for shopping cart software. That is of course, the backend technology that it uses. Integration with primary credit cards, customer service and custom designs are some of them. This may seem simple but for one thing, they all connect with each other to attain good service.

Credit Cards in the Philippines

Credit cards in the Philippines are pretty easy to get these days. Even if you really don't have anything to offer from your salary bracket. you can get one because there are plenty of credit card application companies who are willing to help you out with your need to have a credit card.

I have a personal experience to share. Back a few weeks ago, I applied for my own credit card.Guess what? I didn't even call any credit card company to get it, they were the ones who called me to apply for one. We (the credit card agent) had a short conversation on the phone and that's it! She already faxed in our office the documents need for me to fill up in order to accomplish the major requirement which is the details primarily concentrated in getting my financial details. This included my salary bracket (basic salary) for a month.

When the agent received my filled up form, as I immediately faxed it back to their office, she called me and said that she will be the one to handle the hocus pocus of my salary and that when someone calls (CI) me to check on my background, I should be prepared to answer some questions based on my details which I have provided in the form. Meaning it has something to do with my application.

So basically, it is that easy and after that I got to wait for a week or two and presto! I got my brand new credit card even if I didn't qualify for the salary bracket.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Blog for Business Advantage

Monday, December 17, 2007

Tula Ukol sa Alibata

Ang Alibata ni Mike at ni Pol

(a true story)

Mayroon akong kakilala

Dalawang tao sa T.U.P.

Ang pangalan ng isa ay Mike

At ang isa naman ay Pol

Sila ay kapwa noon nahilig

Sa pagsusulat ng mga titik

Titik na ang ginamit

Ay Alibata na kanilang hilig

Ang istilo nitong si Mike

Ay pagsulat ng kanyang buhay

At ito naming si Pol

Sa pagpinta isinalaysay

Naalala ko pa nga noon

Ang Alibata na animoy ibang titik

Hindi kilala nino man

Ngunit si Mike at Pol ay nahilig

Isang araw itong si Mike

Nakitaan ko ng "notebook"

May nakasulat na Alibata

At litrato ng pagkabata

Yung pala ang kanyang buhay

Sa quezon nya pinuno ng kulay

Bagaman marami ang pinaluha

Siguradong mas marami ang natuwa

Heto namang si Pol

Na mahilig magpinta

Guamwa ng isang obra

Pininta ang titik ng Alibata

Alam nyo ba ang kinalabasan

Haay naku parang isang karimlan

Ang obrang ito ay nagustuhan

Ng mga huradong nagpapalakpakan

Isang obrang ukol sa Alibata

Ipininta at binigyang buhay

Ginamitan ng ibat ibang kulay

Nitong si Pol na nagkamalay

Oo, si Pol at si Mike

Bagaman magkaiba ang nagging buhay

Iisa ang hangarin iisa ang mithiin

Magkaiba nga ang kanilang tinahak na landas

Ngunit magkasamang tumuklas

Sa kinalaman ng bato sa Roma

Ng tatsulok at ng lupa

Oo’t magkaiba ang buhay

Nitong si Mike at si Pol na mahusay

Ngunit iisa ang kanilang hangarin

Ang Alibata ni Juan ay mapansin

Tula Ukol sa Alibata ni: Sam Casuncad

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Don't Pollute the Alibata Search Index, Please?

Amidst the popularization of the Alibata index by bloggers in the Philippines, I would like to appeal to some of the responsible bloggers to please do not pollute the Alibata sacredness and index with nonsense posts about it. Write important reviews instead so to make it even more interesting for readers and future researchers from the youth sector.

There should be complete control over too much irrelevant contents to be written just to attain the first position because there's a contest going on. The Alibata will soon, as far as I can see become a victim of the silent polluting of the importance of a national heritage for the Philippines and the Filipinos.

Yes! This is an appeal from me to please respect the sacredness of the old Alphabet in Alibata. If this cannot stop, then Imagine what where would it end up to when it becomes covered with the rubbles of continued dispensing of thrash to its pride as a national treasure that is long forgotten.

This is just an appeal and it's up to you to do as you please as long as you give the Alibata its place where it belongs - our national and ancestral treasure.

The Alibata Book

Revealing the Ethnicity of the Alibata Book

The Alibata Book was a very rare artifact for me as I have only laid eyes on it when a classmate of mine handed it over upon me asking him so many questions about the Alibata Script and how he came to know about such treasured treasure.

Ethno-Gothic Letters of the Alibata Book of Alphabets

The Alibata Script and book is actually a series of some Ethno-Gothic letters that are blended with different sways and contours that are so fine that you rarely can see any sharp surface except the letter edges.

The Alibata Book is a Wonder

The book of the Alibata Script is actually a wonder for me as it reveals the unique way of writing letters in the sway of the hands and use of the eyes to follow the smooth sails of the pencil whenever you try and take a letter and carve it n a piece of paper. Yes! The Alibata letters are an art form for me also because they reveal the truth of what the Filipino people have in their roots of ancestors which a uniquely crafted list of the alphabet in its own version of the ABC alphabets.

The Alibata of Juan

The Alibata Script as a Popular Writing System by the Early Militants

The Alibata is actually a writing system popularized here in Paradise Philippines. Alibata or commonly called as the local tribal script of the early Filipinos is a very simple yet hard to sway script that enables the early patriotic people of the local militant movement in the 80's to communicate using this special language that only they know among themselves.

An Alibata Alphabet Expert in the Class

I actually have a friend and a personal classmate who is very good at using the Alibata in his writings and because of this special talent of being able to engrave the whole Alibata script in a piece of paper, he became the official secretary of the class. All his notebooks contained scripts of the Alibata and he is really an avid fan of the said script because he said that he is very inclined to use it. In fact, he uses the Alibata script with ease and never makes a mistake with almost all his writings in his notebooks.

Notebooks Writings in Alibata Script is a Wonder to Many

Our professor would sometimes wonder how he could manage to write that Alibata in his notes so well and with ease when some of us including our professor has never even heard of the Alibata script itself and was in no other way familiar with its use in the early times of the early Filipinos.

Artists Using the Alibata Script

The Alibata script is also common to many artists in the Philippines as I alsoThave a friend artist who used to draw the Alibata alphabets using only a leaf while sitting under the tree and he would give this art piece to whoever will take it first come first serve basis. That person's name is Paul and I can still remember his deeds and many awards in the school art contests with the use of his specific inclination with the Alibata script.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Marhgil Macuha - No Marc Hil Macalua

Very far from what some of the SEO people have always been making a mistake of, Marhgil Macuha is not Marc Hil Macalua. They may be both into SEO and also both a problogger but they definitely have their own identity to promote in their daily SEO and problogging life here in the Philippines.

While Marhgil Macuha is a Problogger at night and a regular employee of some telecommunications company here in the Philippines, he is also interested so much in improving his skills in blogging. Willing to share his dwellings in the internet marketing world, Marhgil Macuha shares in his personal blog the Macuha.com all the different things that he learned in the blogging world that he is in right now. He usually talks about anything under the sun while improving on his making money online schemes with the use of blogs and all the while teaching others how to make money online with his different tips and money making techniques.

According to an interview by mcbilly at mcbilly.com, he is a half time problogger who is considering to go full time when his make money through blogging schemes will earn him a 3-figure income. Right now, he said in the interview that he is currently earning himself some $600.00 out of affiliate marketing.