Friday, September 28, 2007

Benjamin Abalos - The New Kick Back-zing Champion

Has anyone heard of this joke? If not, you better read them first in this blog of mine as i heard this first in the office where i work.

first person: Have you heard about the biggest deal in the broadband scan that Benjamin Abalos has been tied up with lately?

2nd guy: No I haven't.

first person: What do you mean you haven't you must be the only one who hasn't heard of it yet to this point as it was a hot gossip even in the senate grounds.

2nd guy: WAIT!!! I didn't say I haven't heard of it yet I just said I haven't ? Where I meant that I haven't heard of other latest gossips aside from that one.

first person: Oh I get it now. But there's more and if you want I can make you popular with this one too like I've been at home.

2nd guy: So what's up ?

first person: Just a question......HHHHHHMMMMMM......^

2nd guy: So What's the question?

first person: Do you know who the latest kick boxing champion is?

2nd guy: I really don't get your point there dude....What's that got to do with big Benjamin Abalos anyway?

first person: Yes it surely has something to do with him... So you still don't know that he's the new kick boxing champion....

2nd guy: KICK BOXING CHAMPION? How come?

first person: Wait a minute, did I just say kick boxing champion? Can you please spell out how you got my words?

2nd guy: Here goes...... " K - I - C - K / B - O - X - I - N - G / C - H - A - M - P - I - O - N "

first person: you got me wrong dude....... It's KICK BACK - ZING CHAMPION. Which means that he's truly a champ when it comes to kick backs and swift as a /zing/ when it comes to becoming an early bird......WA HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE..

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