Wednesday, October 24, 2007

From Paradise Philippines/Philippines Paradise to Simply Paradise Philippines

Changing My Title Tag

Today I tried to play around with my title tag and changed it from paradise Philippines/Philippines paradise to simply paradise Philippines and I wanted to see what happens after I make my changes all over the web using ping service.
Pinging the Change of My Paradise Philippines Blog
After I made the changes to my paradise Philippines blog, I decided to try and ping to make the changes available in just a matter of minutes and the changes took effect after 3 minutes to be exact.
Seeing the Title Change

After seeing the title change from paradise Philippines/Philippines paradise to simply paradise Philippines, I had one of the best results. I already ranked 35th from 37 and still fluctuating. I hope this change will give me a better result for my subject. Trying to concentrate my posts to the title tag could be an effective way to get better rankings especially if the index is full of changes almost every second of the day because of the contest on the keyword paradise Philippines.

See you there!

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