Friday, October 26, 2007

Erap's Executive Clemency

What's Behind Erap's Executive Clemency?

People are wondering what could be behind Erap's executive clemency? In the news yesterday all over paradise Philippines television sets in prime time, the spokesperson of the incumbent president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, Secretary Bunye declared about a certain letter coming from the office of the president regarding the executive clemency of the impeached president Joseph Ejercito Estrada. The news spread like some tuna in the hot bread of the common people of the Philippines as after waiting for so many years for Erap to be be convicted of his crimes against the Philippines government and the Filipino people, all of a sudden, the office of the president issued a release order for the convicted and impeached president Erap Estrada. This controversy again triggered speculations about what else could be cooking in the palace?

What's Cooking at the Palace?

Rumor has it that the office of the president since it got involved trough the first gentleman's alleged involvement in the ZTE broadband scam is cooking something else aside from luring the Filipino people with yet another trick to deceive them from the recent controversy that the first family. What then could it be? Is this just another plot to mislead the paradise Philippines people regarding the multi million dollar scam in the ZTE deal or it could be another signal that something even worse is going to happen to the whole nation. I just hope that whatever happens, the people will all be intact with their principles and wisdom. We all have to go trough with this together except for some people in the government who are willing to take all the risks without even considering the effects ar the cause of their actions.

All of this will not get passed on if this is what they think about it. Those who are responsible will suffer the consequences when the right time comes and this is what history tells. It is inevitable that whoever goes against the will of the majority will be lost as part of the dark history of a country and a regime. I am hoping that we all get through this in peace and unity to help our country, paradise Philippines from the verge of the hands of few people who wants to take us down with them.

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