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Shoemoney's SEO and Linkbait Tactics Revealed

What makes an effective linkbait in the SEO industry that we live in? This specific paradise Philippines post will hopefully be the first among all posts in the Philippines about SEO tactics and linkbaiting and the relation of this SEO link building on the industry of search engine marketing (SEM), Shoemoney and the dynasty that he raised in the PPC and affiliate marketing arena. I would like to make it clear that this is just an opinion and part of SEO and optimizing things that are happening in the blogging industry and the affiliate marketing edge of Google which is Google AdSense.

Everybody in the affiliate marketing arena knows that shoemoney sits in the heirarchial dynasty of PPC and affiliate marketing. Sorry if my words are not the proper ones but please yield in to my language as I myself is just some newbie in the world of PPC advertising and affiliate marketing. Crappy with his boastfulness on displaying the AdSense check and earnings, this man, I came across back when I was new to SEO in paradise Philippines and to the Philippines blogging community. It was my brother who first introduced me to this man whom he said earns the 6 or s0 digits when it comes to AdSense. That time i saw "shoemoney" as the bald person who stands beside his monstrous Hummer car in black and I wondered if anyone here in the Philippines is actually earning as much as a four digit in AdSense.

That was the first time that I said that there will never be a shoemoney here in paradise Philippines as there will be another era that we will introduce to the Filipino SEO and affiliate marketing industry and it will be - THE ADSENSE BROTHERS OF PHILLIPPINES. Yes! there will never be another shoemoney but there will surely be a new era that we are going to introduce.

Reading today at the V7N forum about a certain linkbait being allegedly cooked lately by the bald man himself, Jeremy Shoemacher, a.k.a. shoemoney, I hurried to my blogspot about paradise Philippines and started to make this post as this will surely echo in the minds of other affiliate marketers here in the Philippines. The link bait goes on like this -

anyone think this was just some link bait?

So indeed this was a linkbait and it took me a few seconds to think and see if I could have something out of this and probably make some options open for myself to learn a little from an effective SEO linkbait tactic.

The Perfect and Effective SEO in Linkbaiting

The most important thing here to learn are the different elements that make up an effective link baiting tactic. Th first element is an anonymous persona making up the brag in some very popular forum where many webmasters come and read the latest buzz in the affiliate marketing world and SEO. A fall guy will be the one to make the announcement about a certain buzz. In this case, it was the person who posted about the thread starter above.

The second element will have to be a perfect buzz or controversy involving a very popular icon in the affiliate marketing world (shoemoney is a perfect one) the controversy issue is about the big time directory that everybody is inkling to get admitted in to (now, isn't this a perfect controversy?).

The third element will be killing the surprise with yet another surprise as the main man himself shows all of a sudden in between the forum threads and bragging about his reply which is half like this and half like that as if admitting and not admitting but all the while just making sure that the thread spreads out because the holy grail is in th threads and that it could be possible that it is a cooked linkbait now. This is indeed an intelligent way to make some money in the shoe. Just like what John Scott said, "for traffic, you can't beat link baiting."

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Now who would say that this is not linkbait? In fact, for me this is a perfect one like the crime of the century in the field of SEO and linkbaiting here in paradise Philippines.

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