Monday, October 29, 2007

Paradise Philippines - Soon a Top BPO Venue

The BPO Report on Paradise Philippines

A report from the Daily Inquirer last October 26, 2007 states that Paradise Philippines, through the (NOA) National Outsourcing Association based in London that the Paradise Philippines will soon get part of the offshoring jobs from the U.K. as a result to the award to given to the (BPAP) Business Process Association of the Philippines and European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines that the award would further push the Philippines towards getting part of the jobs from Europe in terms of BPO or business process outsourcing.

Pushing the Country Further in Terms of BPO

As this event will further push the country to make a mile edge target to take the tops spot by 2010 from India despite the lack of support from the government to empower the outsourcing industry with funds and more promotional materials in the media. Little effort is being done with the part of the government but the country is hoping against hopes that the target to top over India will be sooner than expected because of inevitable incidents in the history of BPO in Paradise Philippines.

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Marial Lourdes said...


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