Friday, July 27, 2007

Social Bookmarkings and Paradise Philippines Site New Look

I really love the new look of my two sites today. Really made me happy that i was able to make some modifications and found time to play around with my two blogs namely my paradise Philippines blog and my pet site which is also a blogspot, "seoptimizers" that talks about SEM Outsourcing Philippines / SEO Outsourcing Philippines / SEO Philippines. All three are actually my target keywords.

I have topped it out right now for a week in SEM Outsourcing Philippines and #3 in SEO Philippines. Yipee!!!!ya Yeeeey!!! Anyway, the sites that i am taking about today is now filled with all those popular social bookmarkings icons and it was made easy by feedsburner which was lately acquired by Google and made the service even more user-friendly even for some basic learners like me.

I hope this time my paradise Philippines site will soar a little higher that before when i only got to the nearest page #17. Looking forward to this new sites and i will be more glad to write each time I find it favorable to. Thanks to Google anyway for making the feeds service even be more user-friendly and no need to look for.

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