Thursday, July 26, 2007

Philippines is Loosing Coal Supply

Loosing Coal Supply Will Cause Brownouts Across Luzon

The paradise Philippines is loosing coal supply because of the delay of the said major material for generating electrical power for the country. This happened in the middle of the SONA of president Gloria Arroyo according to the department of energy. The subject matter was never revealed to the public in fear that a public panic will arise and condemn the president for false clams of economic improvement while the Philippine paradise is loosing its coal supplies and would probably resort to some measures more drastic than the time of the SONA supposed brownout.
Cloud Seeding for More Rains in Philippine Skies

The paradise Philippines skies is also loosing some of its clouds to make some rain possible and the proper authorities are doing alternative cloud seeding just to make sure that loosing rain will not add up to the crisis in coal supply for energy production. The purpose of cloud seeding is to generate more water through the rains in areas near the dams that supplies water to the metro and for generating more power and energy and be able to help brownout occurrence and energy shortage be less likely to affect everything related to the economy.

What the Paradise Philippines People Calls For

In line to these occurrences, people of the Philippines are optimistic that these shortages will not have a devastating effect in the prices of the major raw commodities like vegetables and rice. We all believe that if the shortage of rains will cause a significant drop in the production of major commodities, chances are, those major commodities will increase its prices in as little time and no sooner that days away from the learning of this shortage information. In line to this, this blog about paradise Philippines is asking the Philippine population to patient and cooperative to the measures that will help prevent the situation from worsening in the next few days. Our call is " let us all help make paradise Philippines a better nation through our own little help and cooperation.

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