Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Paradise Philippines Keyword Ranking Contest

Paradise Philippines Keyword

Paradise Philippine is the keyword that the latest SEO contest, dubbed as Bayanihan SEO keyword ranking contest and it is trying to devote the keyword for promotion by the SEO contest registrants. I already have two posts regarding the paradise Philippines and i hope that early this morning, i will be indexed by the search engines because the website that i used is quite an old website. I learned that it is really possible for this one to rank on the paradise Philippines keyword because I have seen it work for some other blogs that i have observed. In the meantime, i am planning to do a little promotion for this few posts through feeds and pings and maybe an article or two about paradise Philippines.

Paradise Philippines Article

I have offered once in some SEO forum in a thread my services to write an article or two for the interested parties but so far no one has taken a bite to my bait. I guess they all have one thing in mind, to win and take the doe and this makes them concentrate more on the promotions of their paradise Philippines entry. I just wish you all the luck especially to all my friends who joined the paradise Philippines contest. I also hope that if you guys win, treat me with a bottle or two and in one night we turn the Philippines into a paradise.
On Time For Promoting Paradise Philippines

This latest SEO contest is just in time for promoting paradise in the Philippines. In the last few months now, WOW Philippines got dubbed as badware and there is still no concrete knowledge as to how the subject matter ended on the WOW Philippines website. More so, since the SEO and SEM personalities are all busy right now with their paradise Philippines entry, no one has replied about the problem on the best paradise Philippines website, I hope we get over this one soon because it is a big problem if that happens to go unattended by the original webmaster of the WOW Philippines website and turn the paradise in the Philippines into he**.

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