Friday, July 27, 2007

Rusty Brick Visits My Paradise Philippines Site

A few days ago I saw the name of Rusty Brick in mybloglog list of visitors in my paradise Philippines site and I believe that he is an authentic visitor this time. He must have remembered me from the previous conversations in the forums and tried to look at what this kid in SEO is doing these days.

I can still remember when i asked him about some sp***** site that i found out along my searches for the keyword glass way back when i was still making my blog Glass Kitchen SEO. Well at least this time I know that he's for real. You can try and take a look at the visitors list of my paradise Philippines site if you don't believe me. It's the same old avatar that he's been using in the SEO forums that I have visited so many times.

How about you guys out there who have entries to the latest SEO contest on paradise Philippines keyword? Have you been visited lately by some of the most prestigious people in the SEO community? Looking for Gabs...Where are you Gabs? Hope you visit my site too.

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