Saturday, July 21, 2007

Paradise Philippines In Batlag Falls

Batlag Falls - A Paradise in the Philippines

Batlag Falls is a paradise Philippines tourist site that can be found in the midst of the forests of Tanay, Rizal. It is where the famous paradise, Daranak Falls actually came from. A continuously flowing water of clear crystal, Batlag Falls is on the upper part of the Daranak Falls located just above the Daranak. Although the falls there are very small, Batlag Falls is proud of its unique small ponds of water created by the water falling and flowing from the falls it is much wider than the Daranak Falls because of the unique terrain where the water is coming from.

A Private Property With Overnight Accommodations

The original owner of the Batlag Falls which is a private property is offering overnight stay-in accommodations for its visitors but at your own expense. This means that you have to have your own tent or sleeping bags for the overnight stay which seem so very cold without a bonfire lit in the middle of the fog-filled forest. Before reaching the place, you will have to take a hike, passing through a short but unique wooden bridge that would make you feel as if you are going to fall in the river where the Daranak Falls water is flowing. A truly unique paradise Philippines experience to remember, i promised to go back to the site with the whole family with a business tour that i am planning to get up sometime next summer where many people are coming in to visit the cool waters of the Falls in Tanay. Rizal.

The Batlag Falls is a Paradise to Visit

Truly a paradise Philippines site, Batlag Falls is one of the best places to be when summer comes. The experience of being in the place promises to be one of the best especially if you have the accessories and stuff that you will need in staying for an overnight accommodation. Some of them will be a flashlight, a knife for food, a mosquito repellant lotion, a cooking pan and camping stove, a tent, some preserved food and other regular things you usually bring in with you to camp. Since the waters are very shallow, any children will surely enjoy swimming in the small ponds that are usually great in the mornings because they later on become muddy looking in the afternoon when so many people take a plunge in the waters. Buko and its juice is very plenty and cheap at 10.00 pesos, ripe tamarind is also abundant in the summer heat. you can also try and rent some life vest or balloon for the kids. The experience will surely make you want to say that you will come back for more and that is the same thing that i said to myself. Yes! Batlag Falls is truly a paradise Philippines site.

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