Friday, July 13, 2007

Paradise Philippines in Taytay Falls

Paradise Philippines Spots

Some of the best paradise Philippines spots are actually those that are hidden from the hands of air pollution. Have you been to places you can actually call as paradise Philippines haven? There is this nice place that I have been to and it felt like i am actually in paradise in the Philippines. The paradise that I am talking about is Taytay Falls. Taytay Falls is located in the town proper of Majayjay, Laguna. A luscious greenery will greet your eyes when you come to the place because of its natural beauty and scenery. Don't forget to roam around the falls community people, they are the ones with the best hospitality shown over with my family.

Taytay Falls is a Paradise Philippines Top Spot

Since Taytay Falls is located in the heart of the mountains of Makiling in paradise Philippines, it is true that the place indeed seem enchanted. Luscious greenery will greet your eyes from the top view where you can almost see the whole of the mountain that supplies the water falls of Taytay Falls. On the parking area, you will also see a paradise in the Philippines through the big green pomelo trees bearing fruits that nobody seem to take notice because if that scene ever can be found in Metro Manila, those juicy fruits will not last its life of hanging in the trees as folks would try and take the fruit even if it is not yet ripe. Must be because of the excitement of seeing a rare sight.

I Found Paradise Philippines in Taytay Falls

In the sight of the falls, in paradise Philippines, your breath will surely take a short stop as if heart stop beating in a moment of relief, excitement and mixed emotions upon seeing the falling waters dripping the large rocks wet with ooooozing smoke because of the freezing-cold waters of the falling crystal liquid ice. It's like gallons and gallons of ice melted and flowed in the river because the site is really very serene in cold fog coming from the smoke of the paradise in the falls. Philippines truly is one big country and I am proud that a paradise in the Philippines still exists today.

Although Taytay Falls is just one of the many paradise Philippines sights that i have been to, allow me to take advantage of announcing that I will be featuring my other experiences with the adventures we had (me and my family) with the different paradise Philippines tourist spots that we have been to.

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