Thursday, July 26, 2007

Aruba Bar And Resto - A Paradise in Tomas Morato

Aruba Bar - a Paradise in the Philippines

Aruba Bar and restaurant is the venue for the second officers day from the amusement that i am currently working for. We celebrated "Officers Day" at the Aruba Bar and Restaurant last July 24 and it felt like i was in paradise in the Philippines once more. We dined and danced till 12:00 mn and the awarding of the basketball champions also happened there. We won the 3rd place and got 3k for the night's awards.

A Second Time In Paradise

It was actually the second time around for the officers of the amusement and the first one i would assume was even better than this one. The first one happened at the Mabini area in Tranz Am Bar last year. I enjoyed there and actually danced the night away unlike here in the new venue where we only got the chance to dance upon removing some of the tables near the middle of the dance floor. The band was awesome in voices but the energy seem different than the first time. I guess this is just it when you get to enjoy the same occasion in different paradise venues in the Philippines. Comparing will surely be the best part of the occasion.

Cozy Place in a Lazy Mood in the Bar

The place is really paradise and cozy for us but the moods made a different ambience for the night. Adding up was the lack of energy of the band playing on the stage. I love their songs especially when they tried to sing one of my favorites songs by James Ingram - "There's No Easy Way To Break Somebody's Heart".

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