Saturday, July 14, 2007

Paradise In The Philippines


Here in the Philippines paradise, paradise is a word commonly known to have very beautiful synonyms like heaven, eden, bliss and many more that only points to one thing, beauty and endless happy sight. According to the Merriam webster dictionary, paradise is an intermediate place or state where the souls of the righteous await resurrection and the final judgment. This definition of paradise is synonymous to the place called heaven. Another definition to the word paradise is a place or state of bliss, felicity or delight. This paradise definition is almost synonymous to Eden, a place where Adam and Eve is said to have lived their mortal life. With this definition, locals from the Philippines is assuming that there is a beautiful future to the paradise Philippines.


As it was called by the Filipinos in it's synonym, paradise Philippines is a republic once conquered by the Spanish forces is an archipelago of tropical forests with Metro Manila as the capital. It's vast lands extend a land area of 115,651 square miles or an equivalent of 299,536 square kilometers. Philippines is a country with a large numbering to about 7,100 islands more or less. More or less because the Philippines as a paradise in the Pacific Ocean sometimes comprises of more than 7,100 or less if it is high tide and 7,100 or more if it is low tide. The logic is actually very simple in terms of common sense, low tides make way to more land exposure making other lands visible during this time and high tide makes way to lesser exposed lands therefore making the paradise Philippines, reach less than the 7,100 islands.

Paradise Philippines

Philippines truly is a paradise in the making with the many features that make it possible for the large land area of the continent take in its embraces the many beautiful landmarks from mountains, forests, nature, waters, land, people, education, traditions, and many more. All these makes it possible for the surrounding countries envy the people upon living in paradise Philippines.

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