Thursday, July 26, 2007

Whose Afraid of the Rains?

Global Warming in Paradise Philippines

Could it be Global Warming that is causing the paradise Philippines to loose its rains in the rainy season? This is one of the biggest question that came to my mind today when the news had a headline that tells that planes have to fly the Philippine skies just to give rains to the regions where it is much needed. Now, why is this so? Isn't it supposed to be rainy season? I can still remember back when i was still a small kid, where we used to love rains and was ever excited about the coming of rainy days because after the long summer nights of sweating it out under the "kulambo" we all have time for chilling under the paradise Philippines skies because the rainy days are here to stay for months just like summer.

Paradise Philippines Headlines

Now, just tonight, I heard in the Philippine news headlines that we are loosing some salt to the skies today just to make some artificial rains and give waters to the regions where it is much needed (this is called cloud seeding) (pagtatanim ng asin sa ulap in Tagalog). This is being done to avoid drought in the farms of the major crops in paradise Philippines and prevent it from causing economic setback to the Philippines. The relationship is really very simple, when rains don't come, it causes drought which turns the major crops from being scarce in harvests which in reality will cause the prices of vegetable products including rice (a major Philippine commodity) to go high up in terms of prices. Also, if rains wouldn't come, chances are there will be a much higher demand for electricity that we all know helps us ease out the heat from the sun and temporarily shield us from it. With higher electricity usage, we also increase our energy consumption which will inevitably also increase our demand for water (which is scarce) . Since this is the case, the energy consumption will eventually increase also and will leave us no choice but to rely on rains and water.

Hopes For Paradise Philippines Recovery

So overall assessment, we need more water for an efficient energy and food supplies and we can only take them from the water that comes from nature. If this supply runs out short, eventually we will have to resort to other forms of generating water artificially through producing rains in a way called the cloud seeding. I just hope that our paradise Philippines recovers from this devastating effect of water shortage or else, we could be up to a bigger problem than just merely loosing water and scarcity of energy reserve.

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