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Paradise Philippines as A Whole


Here in the Philippines paradise, paradise is a word commonly known to have very beautiful synonyms like heaven, eden, bliss and many more that only points to one thing, beauty and endless happy sight. According to the Merriam webster dictionary, paradise is an intermediate place or state where the souls of the righteous await resurrection and the final judgment. This definition of paradise is synonymous to the place called heaven. Another definition to the word paradise is a place or state of bliss, felicity or delight. This paradise definition is almost synonymous to Eden, a place where Adam and Eve is said to have lived their mortal life. With this definition, locals from the Philippines is assuming that there is a beautiful future to the paradise Philippines.


As it was called by the Filipinos in it's synonym, paradise Philippines is a republic once conquered by the Spanish forces is an archipelago of tropical forests with Metro Manila as the capital. It's vast lands extend a land area of 115,651 square miles or an equivalent of 299,536 square kilometers. Philippines is a country with a large numbering to about 7,100 islands more or less. More or less because the Philippines as a paradise in the Pacific Ocean sometimes comprises of more than 7,100 or less if it is high tide and 7,100 or more if it is low tide. The logic is actually very simple in terms of common sense, low tides make way to more land exposure making other lands visible during this time and high tide makes way to lesser exposed lands therefore making the paradise Philippines, reach less than the 7,100 islands.

Paradise Philippines

Philippines truly is a paradise in the making with the many features that make it possible for the large land area of the continent take in its embraces the many beautiful landmarks from mountains, forests, nature, waters, land, people, education, traditions, and many more. All these makes it possible for the surrounding countries envy the people upon living in paradise Philippines.

Paradise Philippines Spots

Some of the best paradise Philippines spots are actually those that are hidden from the hands of air pollution. Have you been to places you can actually call as paradise Philippines haven? There is this nice place that I have been to and it felt like i am actually in paradise in the Philippines. The paradise that I am talking about is Taytay Falls. Taytay Falls is located in the town proper of Majayjay, Laguna. A luscious greenery will greet your eyes when you come to the place because of its natural beauty and scenery. Don't forget to roam around the falls community people, they are the ones with the best hospitality shown over with my family.

Taytay Falls is a Paradise Philippines Top Spot

Since Taytay Falls is located in the heart of the mountains of Makiling in paradise Philippines, it is true that the place indeed seem enchanted. Luscious greenery will greet your eyes from the top view where you can almost see the whole of the mountain that supplies the water falls of Taytay Falls. On the parking area, you will also see a paradise in the Philippines through the big green pomelo trees bearing fruits that nobody seem to take notice because if that scene ever can be found in Metro Manila, those juicy fruits will not last its life of hanging in the trees as folks would try and take the fruit even if it is not yet ripe. Must be because of the excitement of seeing a rare sight.

I Found Paradise Philippines in Taytay Falls

In the sight of the falls, in paradise Philippines, your breath will surely take a short stop as if heart stop beating in a moment of relief, excitement and mixed emotions upon seeing the falling waters dripping the large rocks wet with ooooozing smoke because of the freezing-cold waters of the falling crystal liquid ice. It's like gallons and gallons of ice melted and flowed in the river because the site is really very serene in cold fog coming from the smoke of the paradise in the falls. Philippines truly is one big country and I am proud that a paradise in the Philippines still exists today.

Although Taytay Falls is just one of the many paradise Philippines sights that i have been to, allow me to take advantage of announcing that I will be featuring my other experiences with the adventures we had (me and my family) with the different paradise Philippines tourist spots that we have been to.

Paradise Philippines Keyword

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Paradise Philippines Article

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Philippines is a Paradise

Philippines – Pilipinas in its native dialect, the Republic of the Philippines paradise nation located in Southeast Asia with Manila as its capital. According to Wikipedia, the Philippine archipelago is composed of 7,107 islands in the western Pacific Ocean. Diverse cultures populate many of those thread islands and this makes the country ever so much attractive to many other foreign nationality tourists. Although European and American culture has colonized the people, an identity so unique and interestingly one of a kind can be seen through the people’s mores and traditions.
Finding Paradise in the Philippines

Historically rich, paradise Philippines, explored by the early people who are believed to have inhabited the archipelago, specifically in Palawan way back in 50,000 B.C. by the “Homo Sapiens”. The first considered civilized people who wandered in the paradise island, 30,000 years ago were the Negritos who were presumed to have reached the Philippines through land bridges. Many other conquerors of the paradise Philippines trades came to visit and take whatever they find of use number from the Arabs, Indian traders, Spanish, Chinese, and the Taiwan astronesians until the coming of the Europeans.
Philippine Trade – A Paradise for Europeans

When trades started to amplify the way a country lives and makes conquests, the Europeans were among the very first colonizers in the Galleon Trade. In the wake of this type of trading system, Ferdinand Magellan re-discovered the Philippine paradise and made its forces capitalize in dominating the trading system. Numerous trades occurred in paradise Philippines and kept the status that way so as to not let go of the riches of the paradise they found in the Philippines. They even settled in the island paradise until got discovered to have abused their powers by locals from Mactan Island in Cebu where they were killed by the warriors led by Lapu-lapu.

Manila Became the Capital of the Philippines

After the recovery of the Philippines paradise from Magellan, another conquistador came in the name of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, a Mexican in 1565. He was the one who is responsible for forming the first Spanish settlements in Cebu. Later on, in 1571, he declared the capital of the paradise Philippines to be Manila. Many other colonizers came and not one succeeded in totally taking control of the paradise Philippines as a paradise but the Americans. Proof that the Philippines is truly a paradise in the making, all futile attempts are over or so they say but his seem to continue as a big question mark today.
Philippine Politics

Philippine politics today is a paradise of traditional politicians as we call them but still, many of our daily food for the mind are being fed up by either their dishonest service or their deceitful tactics to get the support of the people and make the Philippines paradise a circus of the clowns. Although what is clear is that the Philippine government is only planning to improve on certain aspects of life to serve the purpose of the debt-borrowing schemes, we as a people are still hoping that everything will soon be turned in the table.
Nature is Paradise in the Philippines

Nature is of abundance in the paradise Philippines and its forests, considered as one of the countries having the most favorable climates as a tropical nation, the Philippines paradise and a nation rolled in one. This is also the same reason why many tourists come and decide to stay and put up their own family here. I have read and heard many exciting and beautiful stories of the paradise Philippines and how they found the paradise in its forests and in its people. Simply amazing !!! WOW Philippines.
Philippines is A Paradise to Many

Philippines is indeed a paradise to many and this is the reason why many countries envy the place. Filipinos are lucky to have Philippines as their home because it is synonymous to living in paradise. From anywhere in the world, a paradise can be found in the Philippines because the land surely complements with the people and the climate that satisfies many tourists from many locations in the globe. The climate is just perfect for vacations and visit aside from the tropical environment and fruits that engulf the archipelago anywhere you go.
Famous Beaches-A Paradise in the Philippines

Famous beaches are some of the best attractions for many tourists that come and go each and every year to visit the paradise land and to see the many festivities that are being celebrated throughout the exotic beaches like Boracay Beach which is the site of many international beach volleyball tournaments being stagged out by many participants from around the world. Among Asian countries, Philippines is the most beautiful paradise to come to and this is made possible not just because of the world renowned hospitality of the Filipinos but also of the warmth of the land and the tropics of the archipelago.
From Exotic Beaches to Hospitality in the Land

Home of the most hospitable people in the world, Philippines paradise. The warm greetings will pick you up from the time the plane lands up to the point where your plane leaves, you will always remember getting to know paradise Philippines because many foreign nationals are witness to this warm hospitality of the Filipinos. Many have even decided to stay and buy their own homes here because they think and know they already found paradise Philippines and nothi9ng can change the way they see the country. Some satisfied people even marry the beautiful Filipinas here, proof that it's not only the warmth of the people, the comfortable climate nor the hospitality of the treatment or the exotic beaches, more than them all, the Philippines paradise in the making.


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