Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Paradise Philippines in Daranak Falls

I Found Paradise Philippines In Daranak Falls

Daranak Falls is a Paradise Philippines scenic beauty. Located in the heart of Baranggay Sampaloc in Tanay, Rizal, the falls has a very alluring twin drops in its mouth causing the falls to sort of look like a paradise in the Philippines separated in two by the falling waters. I can remember the first time that i have been to the falls last September 2004, in the middle of the rainy season where we thought we found paradise Philippines in it.

The Discovery of the Paradise Philippines Falls Thru a Long Travel

We were just driving our way with our motorcycle last September of 2004 when we decided to go to a friend's house in Binangonan, Rizal for a break-in of a new motorcycle that my brother just bought. At first we went to Binangonan for a short stay and a short drink for the night. After the really hospitable treatment by a friend "berlin", my childhood best friend, we went around the area of Tanay from Teresa and we suddenly found our wheels taking us in the place of Sampaloc boundary going to Quezon. Before we reached the intersection proper, we passed over a small sign saying about a place called Daranak Falls. Upon seeing the singage, I decided to whisper to my driver named Ronnie and said I wanted to see what paradise wonders that place has. He said it is very few here in the Philippines today as we take the tour to the ridge and rugged rough roads leading to the falls proper. It must be a scenic 4 kilometer dash drive from the entrance of a place filled with paradise-looking trees as we go down the ridges. The slopes to the falls is very steep and so I had to get off the motor to pull the back rider’s metal guard to avoid us from falling under the sloppy and muddy tracks because it really seem hard to reach the paradise place. It made me think that indeed, paradise can be found in the Philippines such as this new place that we are venturing our feet in today. My buddy Ronnie that time told me that we should go back and forget about looking for and seeing the falls but I insisted that we should go ahead because I wanted to see the paradise Philippines scene in the place they call Daranak Falls. Daranak by the way in tagalong means “flowing down” and the name alone made me wonder what the paradise Philippines place really looks like.

The Actual Paradise Philippines Place

Upon reaching the paradise Philippines place which made me look at an instant where the falls proper is located. Was surprised that the river where the falls must have come from can be seen from the entrance. Tried looking for the actual place by the trees but I can only hear the rush of waters and the sound of the dashing rage of the falls liquid that I am sure is coming from its mouth. My friend buddy got curious when he saw the flowing river so clear that it almost took his breath away. He thought at once that he is seeing paradise Philippines with the sight he saw in the main entrance. We decided to go inside and have a look at the falls proper to take advantage of the spare time that we have before we head back to Manila. I was surprised that the entrance is only a mere PHP 20.00 bucks.

A Cheap Yet Exquisite Paradise Philippines Fee

It was way very low for a sight of such paradise Philippines and for a new unique experience. While taking a step towards a wooden bridge, it almost took every breath that I have and was surprised at seeing that there is actually another paradise Philippines scene in the other side and it was called “Batlag Falls”. We decided to skip seeing that one though. Another surprise sight of paradise or so I thought came right in my eye when I saw a small house selling small bottled liquor and we took a bottle or two and decided to take a plunge at the clear waters and get the feel of the smoking-cool paradise Philippines waters. Not knowing, another paradise Philippines sight is going to unfold our very sight, there is a small videoke in the hut just above the place that we decided to take a drink. I told my friend that I wanted to sing but he’s afraid that we are running out of time for that one and so I agreed with him and told him that we will be coming over again the next time just to enjoy the waters on a summer because the water is really very cold that time when it was still a rainy season.

It was not the end of the trail because whenever I promise that I will come again in a paradise Philippines place like the Daranak Falls, for sure, I will come back for it but the next time, it will be devoted for my family. The sight of the paradise Philippines will soon be uncovered by us in a unique way and that is the exact word that whispered in my silence when we decided to go out of the paradise Philippines place. That time on, I realized that it is never to late to see wonders of paradise in the Philippines.

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