Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Philippines is a Paradise for the Filipino

Paradise Philippines - My Homeland

The Philippines is a paradise to the Filipino people. These are the exact words that i said years ago from my days in college where i used to be one of the top political figures at school in our college building - (C.I.T.) College of Industrial Technology at the Technological University of the Philippines. I served as the college governor for the 3,000 plus population during my time and never failed to serve the students and uphold the student welfare. I joined the student movement then and that is where i learned that Philippines is indeed a paradise to cherish but the question is for whom? Is it for the Filipinos or for the conquerors of the Philippines islands?

Paradise Philippines - Where Student Movement is a Right

Philippines indeed is a paradise and by paradise what i mean is that the students that populate almost 3 quarters of the total population are the ones that make everything else possible for the people and the government. Philippines is also a paradise for the militant student movement and at the same time, it is where the many great politicians of the land are breed from. From the likes of Ninoy Aquino, Jovito Salongga, Ferdinand Marcos, Macapagal, Magsaysay, Bonifacio, Jose Rizal and many other Philippine paradise heros, they all came from student population.

My Hopes in Paradise Philippines

Someday, i am hoping that the Philippine paradise will be a free land. Free from the conquerors in face of the new cloaked deception from the A******* land. I hope that we will recover on our own and be the paradise land that we really are. Where the students can learn what they want and contribute to the industry and the present uplifting of the life of the Filipino people.

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