Friday, July 27, 2007

Rains Submerged Paradise Philippines Today

Today, it really rained so very hard that i almost thought i couldn't return to my work base because i am during that time working at another satellite area of the amusement. It was only about 4pm and the skies were too fast getting dark that i thought it was already 6pm in the evening.

Although paradise Philippines is looking so very calm and even if the people have been waiting all time for the rains to come and ease out the hot weather that's drying up the lands of Philippines, bringing up more heat to the extremes of the crops in the paradise forests, all the time spent for that was useless. The rains continue to become scarce in the hands of the Philippine skies. The crops are dying it seems and the land as a whole is not giving out any sign of giving more harmonious harvests for this year. This will make the prices of vegies even more high than expected because of the present condition of the Philippine climate.

Back to the previous stuff that i am talking about, i believe it was the work of the cloud seeding that made the skies look so bitter and mad at the sun, keeping it until it throws out the rains that it is holding up in its hands. Now, why is did i arrive at this conclusion? Good question eh. Well, it is because the rains really looked so very artificial in its falling strength. Continually falling are just the small bits and pieces of bodies of water in the car in the parking area when i went out to see what the cause of the thunder is. After a while though, the rains suddenly stopped as if commanded by a master of the climates. Yes! I do believe that is was some artificial rains that poured out from the skies today, filling out the paradise and the Philippines and easing out the many people who miss the rains here in paradise Philippines.

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