Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Imelda Spoof - Famous In and Outside Philippines

A Paradise Philippines Spoof on Imelda Marcos

I am watching the news tonight when I got surprised about the latest on Imelda Marcos - the former first lady of the paradise Philippines. Guess what it was? A spoof on the first lady as a maid singing some familiar song "dahil sa yo". It was a really funny spoof as i have seen that spoof before and you can't really tell if it's Imelda the former first lady of the paradise Philippines or not.

Video of Paradise Philippines Spoof

The video embedding codes of the spoof of Imelda Marcos was removed when I tried to look at it after seeing the news and thinking that this one is hot. I don't know what the exact reason was or the person responsible for removing the embedding codes for the spoof. The only lead left for the video is this URL I hope this makes it to the most powerful blogs and let others see what the effect will be to the paradise Philippines blog viewers and fanatics.

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