Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Your Own Picture in the Throw Pillow

Ever imagined seeing yourself in a throw pillow when you wake up in the morning? How about your baby seeing himself/herself in the pillow each time he/she sleeps and wakes up in bed. Wouldn't that be an amazing way to show love for a loved one? Go ahead and get that favorite and beautiful picture exactly as they appear in the picture right in your pillow or blanket with Photo Throw of visonbedding.com.

Throw pillows and throw blankets are probably one of the first special things that you see when you sleep and wake up in the morning. They make you smile with a new day ahead as you hug them in the morning and see the beauty in a new day. At night these same throws make your dream seem real and cuddle you with softness and care. What more could be better than having your own picture in the pillow or in the blanket, then.

Throws like blankets and pillows are also a nice gift for a loved one in special occasions like a birthday, anniversary, wedding and more. They can be a perfect surprise to give life to the occasion. With the custom process in which they were made, you can be sure that your pictures in the throw is as clear as the spring water that flows in the river. They are produced in a state of the art production technology so you can be sure that they will last a lifetime which does not alter the natural characteristics of the fabric to make sure that they will not fade.

For a personalized gift and high quality picture in your throw, visit vision bedding and find out what the digital technology and state of the art printing process of your pictures can give to the throw pillows and blankets that you have at home.

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