Friday, December 21, 2007

Our Company Branch Christmas Party

Christmas party at the amusement has never been this great and happy for me since I was employed in the amusement. Even if my job strongly requires high end skills in electronics, I was able to integrate myself well with people who are a lot younger than my age. Some of them maybe half my age already and this gave me the advantage to be treated like an older brother who makes them all laugh everytime. This is actually very rare in an amusement technician but nevertheless, I was able to make them see what kind of a person I am both inside and out.

So here goes the best part...I never got the chance to give away cash for the crews of the amusement but even if this is the case, we all enjoyed so much with what it turned out to be unlike all the previous engagements that we shared during Christmas. We drank little liquor and were all happy because the games were really so much fun and I am happy to see all of my co-employees that happy as it turns me on being with a lively and happy crowd all the time.

Ma'm Esther Lim made it all possible with the help of our artist, sir Ben Sahidjuan. I was just behind all the excitement watching and getting a friend, Auie Oliveros take pictures of me with girls...(my favorite part). We all enjoyed the evening and got what we all wanted, a gift from the company which is by far the yearly and most exciting "free games". Yes! we have free games every year when we celebrate our Christmas party each year, For four years in the amusement, I never really regret any part of my experience which overall has taught me so many lessons both in life and in work. That is with people of all sorts of their own characteristics as a person and as a co-employee.

All of us were excited with the free games and so we all celebrated with joy and hope that the gifts will be just what we all expect them to be which is to be on the exact amount set by the management. So far, nobody broke the rules as from what I can see in the faces of those who received their gift. I received an underwear. Pretty much ok compared to last year's for me.

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