Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Alibata of Juan

The Alibata Script as a Popular Writing System by the Early Militants

The Alibata is actually a writing system popularized here in Paradise Philippines. Alibata or commonly called as the local tribal script of the early Filipinos is a very simple yet hard to sway script that enables the early patriotic people of the local militant movement in the 80's to communicate using this special language that only they know among themselves.

An Alibata Alphabet Expert in the Class

I actually have a friend and a personal classmate who is very good at using the Alibata in his writings and because of this special talent of being able to engrave the whole Alibata script in a piece of paper, he became the official secretary of the class. All his notebooks contained scripts of the Alibata and he is really an avid fan of the said script because he said that he is very inclined to use it. In fact, he uses the Alibata script with ease and never makes a mistake with almost all his writings in his notebooks.

Notebooks Writings in Alibata Script is a Wonder to Many

Our professor would sometimes wonder how he could manage to write that Alibata in his notes so well and with ease when some of us including our professor has never even heard of the Alibata script itself and was in no other way familiar with its use in the early times of the early Filipinos.

Artists Using the Alibata Script

The Alibata script is also common to many artists in the Philippines as I alsoThave a friend artist who used to draw the Alibata alphabets using only a leaf while sitting under the tree and he would give this art piece to whoever will take it first come first serve basis. That person's name is Paul and I can still remember his deeds and many awards in the school art contests with the use of his specific inclination with the Alibata script.

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