Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Alibata Book

Revealing the Ethnicity of the Alibata Book

The Alibata Book was a very rare artifact for me as I have only laid eyes on it when a classmate of mine handed it over upon me asking him so many questions about the Alibata Script and how he came to know about such treasured treasure.

Ethno-Gothic Letters of the Alibata Book of Alphabets

The Alibata Script and book is actually a series of some Ethno-Gothic letters that are blended with different sways and contours that are so fine that you rarely can see any sharp surface except the letter edges.

The Alibata Book is a Wonder

The book of the Alibata Script is actually a wonder for me as it reveals the unique way of writing letters in the sway of the hands and use of the eyes to follow the smooth sails of the pencil whenever you try and take a letter and carve it n a piece of paper. Yes! The Alibata letters are an art form for me also because they reveal the truth of what the Filipino people have in their roots of ancestors which a uniquely crafted list of the alphabet in its own version of the ABC alphabets.

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