Saturday, December 22, 2007

Alibata - Bayanihan SEO Contest Keyword

The Bayanihan SEO Contest early announced the new keywords that the participants will be using to optimize their pages based on. The contest keyword is alibata which is actually an old script used by our ancestors in deciphering and understanding things all around them.

Alibata keyword has already indexed about 800 pages the time of the announcement because there already exists some pages and sites that are optimizing for the keyword. Today. since the announcement of the contest keyword, there are already about 36,800 pages indexed by Google alone and this is because of the ongoing contest. Expect that there will be more additional pages soon as the contest has just started.

Some of the participants are still looking for domains to buy and some would prefer to just use free blog platforms such as blogspots. Blogspots proved to rank high in the Google index and this is probably one of the many reasons that Philippine SEOs prefer to use it in the contest.

Since the contest was seen to use different keywords after all, then the choice of not buying domains anymore was a prime choice as the battle for the top spot begins with the keyword alibata. Everything is going to change because of this announcement and this scheme in the contest which is to change the keyword everytime the checkpoint ends.

There were also many SEO who joined the contest who showed the interest to sell their good domains early before the end of the contest. My question is....could there be a little time for conspiracy? Could these guys who sold good domains in the middle of the contest be out to sell their domains because someone who knows what will happen already leaked an information prompting the others to sell their domains in the midst of the contest?

Authorities of the Bayanihan contest, please explain this to us....Don't let us loose trust in the SEO contest system here in the Philippines. Marc, please explain this honestly. You were gone for the contest checkpoint and then when you came back, there were no other choice for some but to sell their domains? Why? did they know what was going on? Did they get leaks from contest authorities? Just a few questions though for a thinking blogger in me. Maybe most have resorted to just wait and see for your announcements but I have seen a different scenario on this....

I hope I hurt no one in this opinion of mine, just can't keep things that are happening from getting into my mind so I had to decide to make this opinion available for people to take a look at and make their own conclusions to avoid mistrust in the coming contests.

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