Friday, December 21, 2007

Credit Cards in the Philippines

Credit cards in the Philippines are pretty easy to get these days. Even if you really don't have anything to offer from your salary bracket. you can get one because there are plenty of credit card application companies who are willing to help you out with your need to have a credit card.

I have a personal experience to share. Back a few weeks ago, I applied for my own credit card.Guess what? I didn't even call any credit card company to get it, they were the ones who called me to apply for one. We (the credit card agent) had a short conversation on the phone and that's it! She already faxed in our office the documents need for me to fill up in order to accomplish the major requirement which is the details primarily concentrated in getting my financial details. This included my salary bracket (basic salary) for a month.

When the agent received my filled up form, as I immediately faxed it back to their office, she called me and said that she will be the one to handle the hocus pocus of my salary and that when someone calls (CI) me to check on my background, I should be prepared to answer some questions based on my details which I have provided in the form. Meaning it has something to do with my application.

So basically, it is that easy and after that I got to wait for a week or two and presto! I got my brand new credit card even if I didn't qualify for the salary bracket.

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