Friday, December 21, 2007

Sorry for the Lost Links

Well, what can I say.....Hmmmm. I lost all the links that I have in my paradise Philippines website which is this one. It wasn't really intentional because Google forced me (not literally) to change my template making me loose every link love that I have for friends in both the business and SEO community.

I'M SORRY FOR THAT TO ALL OF YOU GUYS OUT THERE. Especially Garry Baybayan and Mito Pontillas. Sorry talaga mga bro. Wasn't able to save first all the link love for you guys and others.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to make more out of blogging and content writing this coming 2008 as I have seen so many possibilities more today than last year. Will be doing lots and lots of content writing jobs for people out there and if you are interested in my services, you can just drop me an e-mail. I promise to give your content/niche your own privacy. Your secrets will be yours alone as I have done some work for others too.

Reminder: this is not an ad but instead a call for those who are looking for content writing jobs who prefer to have their privacy rather than popularity and revealing their earning scheme. This is your chance. You can PM me at SEOPh Forum, my name there is "masterofthe".

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